Form 8. Unit 4. Lessons 3-4

Form 8. Unit 4. Lessons 3-4

Additional material

Exercise 1

Translate from Russian into English:

  1. ответственная личность
  2. спорить о бюджете
  3. сокращать расходы
  4. сводить концы с концами
  5. дорогая одежда

Exercise 2

Fill in the suitable words:

Fair               A waste                 Decide                Extra                 Rich
  1. Life isn’t always ***.
  2. You should have *** work to have *** money.
  3. I can’t *** what to buy.
  4. This land is *** in oil.
  1. I don’t think that buying English books is *** of money.

Exercise 3

Match two parts of the  proverbs:

1 Money has A is the root of all evil.
2 If money is your hope for independence B buy friends.
3 The lack of money C never made man happy.
4 Money can’t D before you have it.
5 Never spend your money E you will never have it.

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