Автор: Елена Котова

Ode to summer clothes

Shorts, t-shirts,my skirts and jeans,I’m so happy’cause we will meet! And I will wearyou every dayWhen there is no windand there’s no rain! Good bye, my jacketsAnd warm woolen coats!I’ll need you in autumnBut now stay alone! Sundresses, sandals,tops and some teesI’m so happy’cause we will meet!

Card 14

How do foreigners picture a typical Englishman? Different nations have different characters. We expect every nation to have some typical qualities. English people like reading a lot, especially newspapers-talking about the weather, going to a pub, discussing news and drinking beer there. They also like to spend time in a club. English people are considered

Be Healthy, Earth!

Blossoming trees and blossoming flowers,Butterflies’re flying in the blue sky.Spring is so beautiful, awesome, delightful!Corona virus, go away! Bye! Dandelions’ re smiling and so are pink daisies,White anemones are so gentle and nice!Dear my Earth, I ask you » Be healthy!»We want you to get your victorious smile!

Form 8. Unit 7. Music

Some rhymes for you and your students! Music, music is everywhere!You listen to it sitting in your armchair,While birds are tweeting their nice songsYou enjoy their music even being alone. You listen to music of rain and of snowYou listen to music when the wind blows!Just follow the sound of crickets and youWill find the

Form 11. Unit 6. Lesson 5

На проверку усвоения лексических единиц по урокам 5-6 из раздела 6 для 11класса.  Lexical dictation Many years ago in the Middle Ages there was a huge fortress on the crossroads of Europe and Belarus. It was a real must see at those times. There lived a king, his minstrels and knights. Poor people lived in