Автор: Елена Котова

Form 6. Unit 3. Lesson 2

Lexical Drills Exercise 1 Unscramble the words: 1. oscutem 2. melbem 3. themna 4. naltiona 5.pestri Exercise 2 Make the correct sentences: 1. Kobrin is famous for A.European bison. B. its park. C. its Pobeda Square and the Circus. D.its Big Ben. 2. Minsk is famous for A. European bison. B.its park. C.its Pobeda Square

Form 6. Unit 2. Lesson 2

Travelling Around Belarus With the Present Perfect I have already been to Pinsk,I have already been to Minsk.I’ve seen the Circus and its Zoo.I’ve seen Pobeda Square too But I’ve never been to MirIt’s always been my sweetest dreamTo see its castle and its lake.They’re so beautiful they say.

Form 5. Unit 8. Lesson 3

Mountains are very high,Deserts are often dry,Deserts are also hotMountains — usually not! Oceans are very deepWith lot of fish not sheep.With some big whales, sharks,Seaweeds that look like parks. Jungles are wet and green,Monkeys are their queens.Grasslands are wet, dry too.But Belarus is the best place for you!

Form 5. Unit 7. On the farm

Очень мне понравилась эта тема. Довольно интересная лексика сама попросилась зарифмоваться!) Предлагаю и вашему вниманию стихотворение. Вдруг, да и пригодится! One day I visited the farmAnd did a lot of things.I watered flowers with my mum,And seeded carrots, beans. I weeded flower beds as well,Fed animals, milked cows.I cleaned a pigsty, a cowshed.And granny could

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Form 5. Unit 5

Немного лирики по теме. I am a bear. It’s not funnyBecause I like some sweety honey.I like some gberries and some grass.Is it a real big surprise? I don’t eat crisps. I know it’s bad.You will become unhealthy, fat.I always choose right healthy food.It is so useful! It’s so good!