Автор: Елена Котова

Form 11. Unit 2. Lesson 6

Florence Nightingale. Reading exercises Exercise 1 Translate from English into Russian: a rich family, was named, in affluent families, do almost nothing, taught her various subjects, good with numbers, a gift for, a calling, purpose was, refused to allow her, seemed unachievable, was asked to go to, to manage the nursing, mass infections, lack of

Form 5. Unit 2. Cave People

Не знаю как вас, а меня очень увлекла эта историческая тема, которая так по-детски интересно, наивно даётся в учебнике 5 класса. Вновь родилось стихотворение, которое я хочу использовать для развития навыков письменной речи учащихся с выходом на монологическую речь. Скомбиниров всю информацию предложенную авторами учебника, появилось следующее: Cave people lived thousand years ago, They lived

Form 10. Unit 9. News from Belarus

Немного лирики для вашего урока. Belarus — the land of rivers,Thousands lakes are there too.We call our land RadzimaAnd I love it, it is true! My grandparents, their parentsWere born in Belarus.And I will be very gratefulIf you don’t mix it with White Rus. Nesvizh Castle and Mir CastleAre the landmarks you’ ll adore.If you’

Form 10. Unit 7

Form 10. Unit 7. Lexical Grammar Test Task 1 Unscramble and write the words: otprmienn ronumesu rerlopxe laitnefluin genrydale tionequas Task 2 Match the people to the areas below: Yanka Kupala literature John Lennon visual art Charles Darwin science Vladimir Mulyavin cinema William Shakespeare science Zhores Alferov music Francysk Skaryna literature Charlie Chaplin literature Marc

Form 10. Unit 5. Lessons 6-7

Lexical Test Exercise 1 Fill in the missing consonants  (*) and  write  the words: A**A**E* ***U**U*E *I**I***I*E **E**A*U*A* A***I*E**U*E Exercise 2 Complete the sentences with the items from the box: Defense              grand                iconic           recognizable             fortifications 1. They began the *** and reconstruction of the city. 2. The bridge is a *** structure. 3. This

Form 10. Unit 4. Youth and Society

Лирическая разминка для обсуждения проблем общества и молодежи. The Youth and wars The youth and war…They can’t stand nearby!The youth should liveAnd shouldn’t die. The youth should liveAnd see the skyThe youth should liveAnd never cry! The youth and war…They can’t stand nearby!The youth should liveAnd shouldn’t die. The youth should live,Should love and dance

Form 4. Unit 3. Daily Life

Дополнительный материал к урокам, вдруг да пригодится. I get up and make my bed.I think it’s good, it isn’t bad.I wash my hands, I brush my hair,I brush my teeth, they need my care! Then I have sandwiches and teaAt seven ten or usually fifteen.I get dressed and go to school.I like to study it