Destination B1 Unit 15. Phrasal verbs additional

Study the phrasal verbs of the unit.

Add upto put together or count (the number or amount of something) to find the totalcкладывать
Come back fromreturn from a placeВернуться из
Give awayto provide someone with something that you no longer want or need; to make a present of (something)Отдавать, дарить
Hurry upto do something more quicklyторопиться, поторапливаться
Pay backto return (an amount of money) that someone allowed you to borrowвозвращать деньги  
Save up forto regularly put money in a bank or invest it so that you can use it laterэкономить, копить деньги на что-то
Take backto take something that you have bought back to the shops because it is broken or not suitableотводить; отвозить; относить  
Take downto remove (something) from the place where it is hanging or standingснимать (со стены, с полки и т. п.)

Exercise 1. Match the verbs to the prepositions and definitions.

Addbackto put money in a bank so that you can use it later
Comedownto remove (something)
Giveup forto take something back to the shops
Hurryupto do something more quickly
Payupto find the total
Saveawayreturn from a place
Takebackto make a present of (something)
Takeback fromto return

Exercise 2. Complete the sentences with the necessary prepositions.

  1. Every time I add these figures *** I get a different answer. 
  2. She wished George would hurry *** with her cup of tea. 
  3. When is Tom coming *** *** Ireland? 
  4. He said that he’ll pay the money *** tomorrow. 
  5. For a limited time only our store is giving *** a free can of soda to each and every one of our customers! 
  6. If you don’t like the scarf, I can take it ***. 
  7. She took the books *** from the shelf. 
  8. I’m saving *** *** a new car. 

Exercise 3. Translate the words in brackets.

  1. I can (складывать) in my head quite easily. 
  2. We’ve just (вернулись из) Amsterdam. 
  3. She (подарила) her best toy.
  4. Our prices are so cheap we’re practically (отдаём даром) everything in our store! 
  5. I once (вернул в магазин) a pair of shoes that fell apart after a week. 
  6. (Сними) that terrible picture of me. 
  7. (Поторопись) and finish your soup. 
  8. She spent all the money I (откладывал на) our trip. 
  9. I lent him money and he never ( [не] вернул мне долг). 

    Exercise 4. Complete the sentences with the missing verbs.
  1. Let’s *** up all of the money we saved. 
  2. My mother was scared that if I left home I’d never come ***. 
  3. Any plants that were left I *** away to neighbours. 
  4. *** up! We’re going to be late. 
  5. She has to *** back the $100 she borrowed. 
  6. If I buy something and he doesn’t like it I’ll *** it back… 
  7. I need to ***  down those curtains and bring them to the dry cleaner’s. 
  8. I’ve managed to *** almost £500 for my holiday. 


Ex. 1 Check yourself with the table above.

Ex. 2 1. up 2. up 3. back from 4. back 5. away 6. back 7. down 8. up for


  1. add up
  2. come back from 
  3. gave away
  4. giving away 
  5. took back
  6. Take down 
  7. Hurry up
  8. had saved up for
  9. paid me back

Ex. 4

  1. add
  2. back
  3. gave
  4. Hurry
  5. pay
  6. take
  7. take
  8. save

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