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Материалы областной олимпиады 2017/2018

На днях получила письмо от коллеги Виктории из Гомеля, которая пишет: Добрый день! В преддверии олимпиады хотелось бы поделиться материалами областной олимпиады за 2017-2018 уч.год, проходившей в Гомеле для 10-11х классов. Может кому будет полезно. Спасибо, коллега, материалов олимпиад никогда не бывает много.

Student Competition in English 2012–2013. Stage III. 10th Grade

Областная олимпиада по английскому языку в 2012/2013 уч. гг. 10th Form GRAMMAR TEST I. Read this article about the early days of British TV advertising. Some paragraphs have been removed from the article. Choose from paragraphs A–H the one which fits each gap (1–7). There is one paragraph which you do not need to use.  A

Student Competition in English 2012–2013. Stage III. 11th Grade

Областная олимпиада по английскому языку в 2012/2013 уч. гг. 11th Form GRAMMAR TEST I. Open the brackets putting the verb in the correct tense, voice and mood form. The world 1) ____________________ (get) warmer with every decade. This might simply be part of a natural process. After all there 2) ____________________ (be) ice ages and

Аудирование 11 класс область 2011/2012

Аудирование 11 класс Task 1 I. Read the statements below carefully. After listening to a speaker describing modern London decide if the statements below are true or false (T/F). ______ London has a great number of historic landmarks. ______ London has been recently renovated. ______ In the area along the river new warehouses have been

Областная олимпиада 10 класс 2011/2012

Письменная работа I. Open the brackets using the correct form of the verbs. Stephanie MacGuire, the writer, has had an unusual life. When     she     was     very     young     Stephanie’s parents 1) ______ (murder) by guerrillas in South East Asia, and she herself 2) ______  (bring up) among them for several years. When she was ten, she

Темы устных высказываний 10 класс, областная олимпиада 2011/2012

COMMUNICATIVE SKILLS ASSESSMENT 10 1. Describe the book that influenced you most and explain why. Have you got many books at home? What helps you to choose a book for reading? Who is your favourite Belarusian/Russian/English/American writer? What characters from his/her books do you remember? 2. Choices in a family should be made by the