Рубрика: На урок

Form 8. Unit 1. Lesson 6

Legends of the two lands На данном уроке рассматриваются легенды двух стран. Одна из них посвящена озеру Нарочь. Предлагаю вам оценить мою версию этой легенды. Если не останетесь равнодушными, то примените её у себя на уроке.  Many years agoThere lived a nice girl.She had got a sweet voiceAnd sang wonderful songs, Sitting near a lake,Played

Form 9. Unit 1. Lesson 6.

Reading Drills To treat-treated-treated; treat with respect, treat with kindness, treat with politeness. My parents still treat me like a child. She doesn’t treat her boyfriend very well. In a close-knit family people treat with respect to each other. To offend-offended-offended; I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend. They never offend each other. Her rude

Form 9. Unit 1. Lessons 2-3

Lexical Test Exercise 1 Match the words and write down the phrases: 1. spiky A. beard 2. strict B. hair 3. hazel C. smile 4. white D. parents 5. a charming E. eyes Exercise 2 Fill in the missing words. Use the words given below: bald               beans              breadwinner             eyelashes                  eyebrows 1. She’s very rich


Holidays!That’s lovely time, Often spent with joy and pleasure,Loved by people of all ages,It’ s a fun and it’s unmeasured!Days are bright and full of rest,And they are so nice, exciting!Yellow sun and yellow sand,Sky’s so blue and so delightful!