E7 U3 L9. Hachiko

Before reading Ex. 4a p. 81

Can you guess what happened next in the story?
Would you like to read the whole story?

The statue of the loyal dog “Hachiko” can be found just outside Shibuya Station’s Hachiko gate. The 162cm-tall statue was built in 1934, and stands elevated 180cm from the ground.

Today, the statue of Hachiko has become a symbol of Shibuya and a popular landmark for meetups and tourism. Hachiko is based on an Akita dog named Hachi, whose owner was a professor of the Tokyo Imperial University. Even after the sudden death of his owner, Hachi continued to wait for his return at the ticketing gate. The story of this loyal dog, Hachiko inspired film and literature worldwide, time and again.

Another statue of Hachiko can be found in front of Tower Records Shibuya, but this one is warped diagonally in a peculiar way.

In front of the Hachiko statue is a green train car formerly used on the Toyoko line, and by Shibuya Station’s south gate is a lesser-known monument named the “Moyai Statue”. The nearby department stores also carry souvenirs related to Hachiko.



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