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No faith, no trust

О, да я поэт!) Нашла в социальных сетях собственный стих трёхлетней давности. Надо же, сколько синонимов употребила). No faith, no trust No faith, no trust. All days resemble, Match one another. Hopes are shut. My soul is empty, silent, trembling, It seems I’m torn by life apart. One tiny dream, one small desire, I have

What motivates you?

Among different kinds of motivation can you define what motivates you? Let’s have a look at two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. Compare and choose. intrinsic /ɪntrɪnsɪk/ If something has intrinsic value or intrinsic interest, it is valuable or interesting because of its basic nature or character, and not because of its connection with

Do clothes make a man?

Why are we, Russians, so particular about our clothes? We want to look smart on any occasion, be it an evening party or visiting friends. It seems that for many of us there are no more important things in life than wearing nice, expensive clothes. We may spend a fortune on clothes only not to


My blog co-author Yuri is a man of many talents. To begin with, he was one of those smart young men who managed to get the highest results in central testing and not become a student at Minsk State Linguistic University due to the limited number of openings. Fortunately, Belarusian State University proudly enlisted Yuri

Such is Life

This piece of writing is not new, it had been somehow lost  and I decided to publish it again as I am working on my writing. _____ People are born to be happy and to find meaning in life. To give birth to children, to watch their first steps, to see their success in life.

Language Immersion

What does it mean – language immersion? It looks like this: when you want to say something, the first thought that reaches your mind is in the language you learn. Your mother tongue seems to be only a background for your thinking in another language. You feel more confident and you are willing to express

Knowledge vs Relations

A teacher’s ability to relate well with students is more important than excellent knowledge of the subject being taught. (TOEFL essay question) ________ I’ve always thought that a teacher’s success is based on his/her high professional skills which means excellent knowledge of the subject. Judging from my own experience highly educated teachers are normally respected


Rain… After enduring hot summer days to feel a kiss from the sky… One drop, two, three… People, hurrying to find shelter… I’ve longed for the rain so much that I’m not in a hurry. I’m not going to follow all thеse people. A breath of wind. It is dead against me. I hear it whispering, «Cool-l-lnes-s-ss,