Where there is a will, there is a way

The title of the article implies not only my will to improve my English, but demonstrates the idea that there is nothing impossible in this world on the example of Yuri, my co-author and university teacher.

Today, I’ve got the following reply to one of my corrections, made at lang-8 for a native speaker:


You know, there are always people who inspire us. Maybe I am one of those who inspire others in the right way (I hope so as I’ve got proof of it in one of the comments on lang-8), but actually the process is mutual. I myself need to be inspired by somebody.

Inspiration. Yeah, it made me smile because of a funny coincidence. I mean, one of my nicknames on the Internet is «inspiration» and I have been told several times by different people that the nickname suits me perfectly . LOL

To be serious, inspiring people is both a talent and hard work. One shouldn’t be a couch potatoe but stand up and move in the right direction, to set an example or simply to be at somebody’s side because he or she needs you.

Now, what I do to improve my English. Have a look.

My lang-8 post

Later I’ll show you the corrections made to this piece of writing by native speakers and tell you about Lang-8. And, sure, I am going to publish the article about Yuri with photos in which he is doing yoga.

Bye-bye for now!

Добавлено: Corrections)

Those who inspireS — are you sure? those is plural therefore we don’t need -s. Am I right? proof of — ok, I got it. Thank you.

Even though «those» is plural, you have changed it by saying «I am one of those» actually making it singular. So the root sentence is «I am one who inspires». «I am one who inspire» doesn’t work. Actually, after repeating it over and over for several minutes now, I think both ways sound acceptable because of the vagueness about the plurality of the whole sentence, however, I still stand by my original change. Nice try though.

Ok. What about «I’m among those people who inspire» — is it a good change not to say inspireS? The word WHO determines THOSE or THOSE PEOPLE (as I see it). What’s your idea?

If you omit the word THOSE, let us then do the same with «am among those who» and we’ll get «I inspire».
PS: Am I too persistent?)

Yes, your new sentence works grammatically, as does your final variation. I think the problem lies with using words like «those», «who», etc.

Using your last version «I inspire» you can add on —> «I, Tatiana, inspire». This still works.
But if you change it to «I am Tatiana…» you have to say, «I am Tatiana, who inspires».
I can’t explain the «why» of it, only that it is correct. This should be your mantra «I am Tatiana, the one who inspires!». Repeat it over and over when you wake up and before you go to sleep. I am now picturing you in a super hero’s uniform with a big «T» on your chest, cape waving in the breeze…

Thank you for your sound advice!)) «Cape waving in the breeze…» Fantastic!

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