Destination B1 Unit 12 WF additional

Unit 12

able  admire care confident forgive honest introduce lie person relate

Note: В упражнении повторяется также словообразование из предыдущих разделов.

able способный, обладающий способностью; талантливый    admire восхищаться, восторгаться; любоваться care забота confident уверенный forgive
ability способность, возможность (сделать что-л.) disability неспособность, нетрудоспособность, инвалидность disable делать неспособным или  непригодным; приводить, в негодность; выводить из строя, калечить unable неспособный    admirable  замечательный, превосходный   admirably (= very well)   admirer поклонник,   любитель   admiring восхищённый   admiringly (= with admiration)   admiration  восхищение, восторгcareful  заботливый, внимательный
carefully  осторожно, осмотрительно
careless небрежный, невнимательный  carelessly  небрежно, невнимательно; неосторожно
confidence  уверенность  confidently  уверенноforgiveness  прощение
introduce вводить, внедрять, устанавливать, учреждать; давать ход (чему-л.)lie
человек; личность; особа; субъект 
относиться, иметь отношение 
dishonest  нечестный, непорядочный  honesty  честность, порядочностьintroduction  предисловие, введение; вступление представление знакомствоliar лгун, лжец  lying ложь; лживость лживый, ложный, обманчивый, обманный

личность, индивидуальность, черты характера, характер 
личный, персональный
relative  родственник; родственница  relation родственник, родственница; связь, контакт обыкн. pl отношения  relationship 1) взаимоотношения; отношения 2) родство, родственные отношения
  1. These machines are destroying our *** to think. [ABLE]
  2. ***   people  should have the same rights and choices as everyone else. [ABLE]
  3. He was considered *** to cope with the pressure of the job. [ABLE]
  4. He’s a man for whom I have the greatest ***. [ADMIRE]
  5. After *** consideration of your proposal, I regret to say that we are unable to accept it. [CARE]
  6. His work is full of *** mistakes. [CARE]
  7. She has no *** in what the future has to offer. [CONFIDENT]
  8. He never admitted his guilt or asked for ***. [FORGIVE]
  9. Are you accusing me of being ***? [HONEST]
  10. He should be praised for his ***. [HONEST]
  11. Company profits have doubled since the *** of new technology. [INTRODUCE]
  12. Anthony’s a pathological ***. [LIE]
  13. She’s no oil painting but she’s got a lovely ***. [PERSON]
  14. Do you mind if I ask you a *** question? [PERSON]
  15. The children are being cared for by a ***. [RELATE]
  16. He established a *** between asthma and certain types of work. [RELATE]
  17. Her *** isn’t good with her father, but she’s very close to her mother. [RELATE]
  18. The walled city is an important tourist ***. [ATTRACT]
  19. He was always immensely *** to women. [ATTRACT]
  20. The flowers are *** arranged. [ATTRACT]
  21. Physical skills and *** are much admired in our society. [ATTRACT]
  22. She stepped *** and fell over a chair. [BACK]
  23. If the product doesn’t work, you are given the *** of a refund or a replacement. [CHOOSE]
  24. Lie down on your bed and make yourself ***… [COMFORT]
  25. If you are *** with your counsellor or therapist, you must discuss it… [COMFORT]
  26. They hoped this would lead to the *** of all foreign forces from the country… [DEPART]
  27. Why will supermarket trolleys never move in the *** that you push them in? [DIRECT]
  28. My mum’s an excellent ***. [DRIVE]
  29. All *** to New York today are delayed because of bad weather. [FLY]
  30. She is a frequent *** to Belgium. [TRAVEL]
  31. There has been a steady decrease in the number of *** to the museum. [VISIT]
  32. She’s in the *** class. [BEGIN]
  33. Notes on how to use this dictionary can be found at the *** of the book. [BEGIN]
  34. They were awarded medals for their ***. [BRAVE]
  35. We must make sure that things are done ***. [CORRECT]
  36. There are some programming errors that need ***. [CORRECT]
  37. It’s *** to address people by their first names at these formal events. [CORRECT]
  38. She was convinced of the *** of the decision. [CORRECT]
  39. Many parents opposed the *** of the classes into different sets. [DIVIDE]
  40. It’s a country which places great importance on ***. [EDUCATE]
  41. Have you seen the *** manual for the washing machine? [INSTRUCT]
  42. He studied his map, trying to *** the way to Rose’s street. [MEMORY]
  43. It’s important to feel *** with your driving instructor. [COMFORT]
  44. The painting will be a lasting *** to a remarkable woman. [MEMORY]
  45. I asked him to explain his ***. [ACT]
  46. I’ve been *** looking for a job (= trying hard to find one) for six months. [ACT]
  47. My old headteacher said he would write/give me a glowing (= very good) ***. [REFER]
  48. My request for help was met with *** (= I received no answer). [SILENT]
  49. She prayed ***.  [SILENT]
  50. He tried to *** the story for the younger audience. [SIMPLE]
  51. The old people led a life of great *** (= with few possessions and little money). [SIMPLE]
  52. The property market remains largely ***. [ACT]
  53. This college has a long tradition of *** excellence. [ATHLETE]
  54. In the summer, ***, cricket and tennis take over from the winter sports. [ATHLETE]
  55. *** under 14 pay half the adult fare; *** under 3 travel free. [CHILD]
  56. During her *** the family moved to Kent. [CHILD]
  57. It was *** of him to do that. [CHILD]
  58. There was a *** of books and shoes on the floor.  [COLLECT]
  59. We are *** of paintings by unknown artists. [COLLECT]
  60. She portrayed him as a *** figure . [HERO]
  61. The *** of her latest novel is a middle-class English woman. [HERO]
  62. The family all play instruments – they’re all very ***. [MUSIC]
  63. An MP3 *** is a machine on which you can play music downloaded from the Internet. [PLAY]
  64. The cat didn’t mean to scratch you, she was just being ***. [PLAY]
  65. There was swimming and *** down on the lake. [SAIL]
  66. I’ve never been a very good ***. [SAIL]
  67. She used to be a professional ***. [SING]
  68. He asked her why she didn’t make use of her talent and give *** lessons. [SING]
  69. No, he was Bob Marley, a great ***. [MUSIC]
  70. You have to be a very good *** to play that part. [ACT]


1 ability 2 disabled 3 unable 4 admiration 5 careful 6 careless 7 confidence 8 forgiveness 9 dishonest 10 honesty 11 introduction 12 lier 13 personality 14 personal 15 relative 16 relation 17 relationship 18 attraction 19 attractive 20 attractively 21 attractiveness 22 backwards 23 choice 24 comfortable 25 uncomfortable 26 departure27 direction 28 driver 29 flights 30 traveller 31 visitors 32 beginner 33 beginning 34 bravery 35 correctly 36 correction 37 incorrect 38 correctness 39 division 40 education 41 instructional 42 memorise 43 comfortable 44 memorial 45 action 46 actively 47 reference 48 silence 49 silently 50 simplify 51 simplicity 52 inactive 53 athletic 54 athletics 55 children 56 childhood 57 childish 58 collection 59 collectors 60 heroic 61 heroine 62 musical 63 player 64 playful 65 sailing 66 sailor 67 singer 68 singing 69 musician 70 actor

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