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Exam 2022. Situations for discussion

Ситуации для устного высказывания, экзамен 2022, английский язык Учитель Глушакова Т.П. Билет 1 Let’s talk about accommodation What types of houses do the British people live in? Do we have the same types of houses in Belarus? Your family is going to move into a new house/flat. What questions will you ask your parents about

Card 13. International cooperation

Билет 13 I. Let’s talk about international cooperation. Tell me how Belarus develops cultural relations with other countries. Cultural ties between different countries are very important. They are one of the most effective tools that create conditions for peaceful dialogue between countries. The main directions of Belarusian cultural cooperation are 1) enriching the cultural life

Exam 2022. Cards 23-25 Speaking. Revision

Материалы для повторения к экзамену 2022. Ситуации для устного общения, билеты 23-25. Билет 23 Let’s talk about youth and society What national and international youth organisations do you know?          Are you a member of any youth organization?        What questions will you ask about a new project organised by the BRSM? What youth organisation

Which of these do people in your family prefer: TV, newspapers or radio? Card 11

Card 11. Let’s talk about the mass media 1. Which of these do people in your family prefer: TV, newspapers or radio? To start with, my family includes people of different generations: my parents, grandparents and us, children. Each generation prefers different mass media. We, younger generation, prefer the Internet. Granny and grandad are more

Types of houses in the UK

Материал для устного высказывания по теме «Accommodation. Types of houses in the UK.» 10 класс, Unit 1. There are four basic [ʹbeısık] types of housing in the UK: detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and flats. A semi-detached house is the most popular type of housing in the UK. Then come detached and terraced. A