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English 11. Family traditions

What is a family tradition? It’s a custom or belief which is passed from generation to generation. There are widely shared customs such as celebrating holidays together or decorating a Christmas tree. Traditions are things that are repeated but have a special meaning for the family. To answer the question whether your students’ family traditions

National and international youth organisations. Card 23

Card 23. Let’s talk about youth and society.  1. What national and international youth organisations do you know?There are a lot of youth organizations in Belarus and abroad. The largest international youth organisations are Girl Guides, the Scout Association, Greenpeace Youth, 4-H, and others. They offer a wide range of activities from volunteer work to

The difference between the British and Belarusian school systems. Card 24

Card 24. Let’s talk about education.  1. What is the difference between the British and Belarusian school systems?2. Have you decided what you will do after leaving school?3. What questions will you ask a British teenager about their system of education?4. Give advice to your friend on how to make school life more interesting and

Types of houses in Britain. Card 1

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