Card 25. Types of tourism

Билет 25

I.  Listen to three people speaking about their work-life balance and answer the questions below.

1. What does the first speaker complain about?

2. How has the life style of the second speaker changed?

3. What does the third speaker think about his way of life and the typical Japanese work-life balance?

1. The first speaker is not happy about his work-life balance. He works a lot and doesn’t have time for his hobbies and his family.

2. The second speaker has time to enjoy personal life, he works better than he used to.

3. In Japan people work too hard, get ill and die. He thinks hard work is madness. He wants to have time for himself.

II. Text 25. “Quality of communication”

1.  Read the article and say in 2—3 sentences what it is about.

        The text is about new forms of human interactions and about children’s safety. It runs about the danger of such forms of communication as instant messaging, Internet forums, social networking. It says that parents should help their children to use the Internet safely.

2.  The author says that the Internet offers exciting opportunities for youngsters. Find this extract and read it aloud.

        §2. The Internet neither belongs to nor is controlled by any one person, organization or …

3.  What is surfing the Internet compared to?

        Surfing the Internet is compared to travelling along a superhighway. Just as youngsters are given instructions on road safety, they also need to be instructed on the Internet safety.

4.  Why is it important to use the Internet sensibly?

        It’s important to use the Internet sensibly to avoid Internet addiction and isolation from other people. Youngsters shouldn’t be allowed to become so involved that they forget other activities important to their development.

III. Let’s talk about tourism.

  1. What types of tourism do you know?

As an industry tourism is developing rapidly. Alongside with traditional cultural tourism new types of tourism appear. Some popular unconventional types of tourism are voluntourism, film tourism, space tourism, gastronomy tourism, slum tourism and jailoo tourism.

As for me, I enjoy travelling because travelling broadens my mind. I prefer traditional cultural tourism. It’s always interesting to see other countries and continents, discover different ways of life, meet different people and to try foreign food. Of course, I’d like to try a new type of tourism as well, but I don’t want it to be extreme or dangerous. Maybe, voluntourism. It means travelling and helping other people and animals. You can discover new places and cultures along with helping out those in need. Doing voluntary work can be challenging but it’s a rewarding and worthwhile type of holiday.

2. Is it better to hire a travel agent or organise a trip by yourself? Why?

I think, it is better to hire a travel agent. Planning a trip is time consuming. Travel agents help you save the time. They help you to plough through information overload. With a travel agency you can get more for the same price. They can plan a tailor-made tour for you. Finally, travel agents can help you in case of emergency.

3. You are going on a trip around England. What questions will you ask your British friends?    

  • What places of interest would you recommend me to visit?
  • Where should I stay to make accommodation cheap?
  • What national dishes would you recommend me to taste?
  • Will you be able to show me some interesting places?

4. Your Belarusian friend will spend his/her summer vacation in Great Britain. Give him/her a piece of advice on how to organise the trip.         

Plan your trip beforehand. Think of where to stay, what places to visit and what means of transport to use. There are a lot of tour guides online, find and study some of them. Use a travel agent to book a tour. Remember, package tours are less expensive. 

5. Every country should encourage and promote tourism. What do you think about it?            

       I think that every country should encourage tourism to promote local culture, making it popular and benefit from it.  But I also think that it should be controlled and planned. Local landmarks and the life of local people shouldn’t be destroyed.

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