My blog co-author Yuri is a man of many talents. To begin with, he was one of those smart young men who managed to get the highest results in central testing and not become a student at Minsk State Linguistic University due to the limited number of openings.

Fortunately, Belarusian State University proudly enlisted Yuri into the Department of International Relations and believe me, they made the right choice. Yuri took part in numerous olympiads and English language competitions with great success, and won a grant for a one-year studying program in Berea College, in the USA.

As a talented and hard-working student, Yuri graduated from the university at the top of his class and received his diploma with honors (as a linguist and a translater) . Now he’s lecturing at BSU, while at the same time he is working for EPAM systems and is going to continue his education towards a master’s degree in linguistics. His students find him a qualified and helpful teacher.

Now have a look at these photos to see one more talent of this young man. Though, as I see it, any talent is nothing without self-control and hard work.



Recently it has been a year since Yuri took up yoga. And as you can see he can be proud of himself.

I haven’t mentioned his wonderful articles on translation yet. They are written in perfect Russian and demonstrate that Yuri has not only a good command of the English language but knows his native language and the culture of many countries too.

Yuri is very optimistic and has a positive outlook on life. I do appreciate his readiness to help anytime especially when I’m moody or in low spirits. Though he is much younger than me he is so patient and understanding, and eager to lend a friendly ear.

In August we are planning to meet. (Yuri lives in Minsk and I live in the suburb of Gomel. We contact on the Internet and sometimes over the telephone.) I will be happy to see him “live”. Don’t say that people of different ages can’t be friends.


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