Аудирование 11 класс область 2011/2012

Аудирование 11 класс

Task 1

I. Read the statements below carefully. After listening to a speaker describing modern London decide if the statements below are true or false (T/F).

  1. ______ London has a great number of historic landmarks.
  2. ______ London has been recently renovated.
  3. ______ In the area along the river new warehouses have been built.
  4. ______ The City is the shopping centre of London.
  5. ______ There are no historic sites in the City.
  6. ______The best way to explore the City is by bus.
  7. ______ The English cuisine is very expensive.
  8. ______ London shopping facilities provide for a variety of tastes.
  9. ______ Soho has always been the safest and the cleanest part of London.
  10. _____ Soho is busy by day and by night.

Script 1

London often gives the impression of being more comfortable with the past than its present. From the world-famous landmarks of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London to the traditional and well-loved double-decker buses, the theatres and the many grand hotels, England’s capital offers visitors a journey through centuries of history. This journey is even better now that the building works, which covered many historic sites have been taken down. Newly cleaned and restored buildings are revealed, and the city looks as if it has been revitalized.

The city has also rediscovered its river. The area between the South Bank Arts Center, which includes the National Theatre and Tower Bridge, has been brought back to life, and the city has found a new heart along the forgotten riverside. As you walk eastwards along the river from Westminster, you will discover that old warehouses have been transformed into galleries, shops and clubs.

Across the river from London Bridge is ‘the City of London’, the financial district of the capital. The City has its own historic delights, such as the 15″‘ century Guildhall and churches designed by Sir Christopher Wren. The best way to explore the City is on foot. For instance, you can «walk through the ages»‘ starting from Fournier Street and ending at the modem Lloyd’s building on Lime Street . Remember, however, that in London you are never far away from the past; the old-fashioned red telephone boxes are becoming popular again, and many London pubs — where a visitor might ask for a pint of bitter — have been restored to their original Victorian beauty.

But the capital is not a historical theme park. It is a lively and exciting metropolis which is well-known for its popular culture, music, clubs, street fashion and visual arts. Today many of its wide variety of restaurants claim to be as good as any other European capitals. For example, Marco Pier Whites is highly recommended restaurant of the Hyde Park Hotel is a perfect example of new English quisine — unusual sophisticated and extremely expensive.

When it comes to shopping Covent Garden and King’s Road in Chelsea offer a mixture of reasonably priced chain store clothing and unique boutiques selling anything from rave gear to skateboards. Shoppers with full wallets and more sophisticated tastes should head for Knightsbridge where Harrods and Harvey Nichols compete to be the most exclusive department store in London.

Much of London’s energy and originality is now centered in Soho — the city’s liveliest and most bohemian area squeezed in between the department stores of Oxford Street and the bookshops of Charring Cross Road. Soho, once considered one of the most dirtiest and dangerous parts of London was cleaned up in the early 1980s. Today with its gurgling cappuccino machines and pavement cafes it has become a meeting place for all kinds of people from all over the world whatever the hour of day or night. So even if you are new to the city yon don’t have to tr\ hard in order to experience the real London. Despite its heavy traffic and shaking underground railway, it is still one of the world’s greatest and most cosmopolitan cities.

II. Read the notes below carefully. You will hear part of a radio programme about food and nutrition. After listening for points 1-10, complete the sentences in the notes with one to four words.

The advice on the programme is mainly for people who are 1) _____on their own for the first time. A lot of people make 2) ______when they think that cooking and  nutrition  are   the   same.   You don’t have to 3) ______in order to survive and stay healthy. Bread is found at the base of the food pyramid — in other words, it is something we 4)______ often. The speaker says that eating 5) ______every day is not good for you but toast and sandwiches are fine. 6)______сheese or ham with lettuce and tomato make good fillings for sandwiches. Putting ham, eggs or cheese in a salad adds variety and 7) ______ to your diet.

You put your health 8) ______ if you eat too many packets of biscuits or crisps. You shouldn’t eat too many ready-made meals and you should 9) ______the amount of junk food you eat. In the next programme the speaker will talk about the kind of 10) ______that anyone can do.

Script 2

Hеllo and welcome to another edition of our programme, ‘Living today’. On today’s programme, I’ll be talking to you about nutrition for people who are not used to having to think about it — perhaps you’ve just gone off to college, or you’re living alone for the first time — these are the people I’m mainly talking to. But if you’re not one of them, don’t switch off just yet, as there will still be plenty to interest you.

I think the mistake a lot of people make is that they confuse nutrition with cooking. Why is that such a bad mistake to make? Well, if you have to survive on your own, and you think you have to learn all about cooking, you might not succeed very well. Not all of us make great cooks. But you don’t need to cook everything you eat — you don’t actually need to cook anything at all, of course, and you’ll still survive very well and be healthy. With that in mind, I’d like to focus today on the kind of food that doesn’t need cooking.

The first food that a lot of people turn to when they don’t cook is bread. Now as long as you don’t live on it, bread is an excellent food. If you’ve ever seen a food pyramid, you’ll know that bread is a food that forms the base of the pyramid — in other words, we should eat it often. I’m not saying eating a loaf of bread a day is good for you, but toast for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch is fine.

Just what you’re going to put in that sandwich is another question. If you like cheese, you’re lucky because there are so many different types of cheese. So, a slice of cheese or, if you don’t like that, there are plenty of meat-based fillings you can use for sandwiches, like a slice of ham. Just remember one thing — we are all supposed to eat five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day. So remember to put some lettuce or tomato (or both) in that sandwich. A big healthy salad, of course, is a great idea. You can add ham or boiled eggs or cheese for variety … and for vital protein. And don’t forget the fruit. An apple a day, or an orange, or any fruit, is an excellent source of vitamins and will help to keep doctor away.

Without cooking at all, you may need to use some tinned or packed food. A tin of tuna, for example, is a great source of protein and will go well in a salad. And when we say packed food, we don’t mean you should live on packets of biscuits or crisps — that’s the worst thing you can do as you are just putting your health at risk! Make sure you get something fresh every day if possible.

Finally, there’s always ready-made or frozen meals. You might have to heat them up but that’s not really cooking, is it? All you need is a microwave oven and you just press a button or two. The problem is that these meals aren’t always healthy, and they often have a lot of salt and sugar added to them. They frequently have a high fat content too, which is bad, so you definitely ought to avoid eating them too often. Of course, I don’t need to mention that you are serious about your health, you should cut down on junk food for the same reasons.

Let’s see then – could you survive without cooking at all? Well, if you had cereal with low-fat milk for breakfast, a cheese sandwich for lunch, and a big salad and a tin of fish for your main meal, you would have a very healthy diet. If you ate fruit for snacks, it would be perfect — your health would definitely this kind of food. … But it just might get л little boring if you do it every day, tune in next time when I will give some tips on simple cooking — the kind everyone can do!. Until next time then.

Keys to Listening Comprehension 11th form


Text 1


1. T

2. T

3. F

4. F

5. F

6. F

7. T

8. T

9. F

10. T

Text 2


2.a mistake


4.should eat

5.a loaf of bread

6.A slice of


8.at risk

9.cut down on

10. simple cooking


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