Prepositions 5

Продолжаем работу с предлогами. На этот раз предлагаем следующие выражения:

increase in, insist on, interested in, introduce to, invitation to, jealous of, keen on, kind of, know of/about, laugh at, listen to, live on, look at, married to, need for, nice to/of, occur to, pay for, photograph of, pleased with

Ex. 1 Fill in the missing particles.

1. She’s very pleased *** her new camera and was snapping away the whole time we were abroad.
2. The increase *** the company’s profits this year was not great.
3. She’s 85 now, but she will insist *** doing all her own housework.
4. Many people are more interested *** job satisfaction than in earning large amounts of money.
5. I’m so sorry. Haven’t you two been introduced *** each other?
6. I was very pleased to receive the invitation *** her wedding.
7. Alice is violently jealous *** her new baby sister.
8. I’m not desperately keen *** watching football.
9. «It was very kind *** you to look after the baby all day.» «Oh, that’s all right, it was nothing, I enjoyed it.»
10. All living creatures that we know *** contain carbon.
11. I’m very pleased *** your progress.
12. The increase *** the number of unemployed was larger than expected.
13. The terrorists insist *** their right to use violent means in pursuit of their goals.
14. Chris is the last person I’d expect to be interested *** physics.
15. When were you first introduced *** sailing?
16. She’s just accepted an invitation *** the film star’s fiftieth birthday party.
17. Why are you jealous *** her? She’s no competition (= You’re better than her)!
18. She used to be really keen *** tennis, but she’s gone off it since she left school.
19. You told her she was looking fat — that was a bit unkind *** you!
20. A policeman needs to know *** all the criminals on his area.

Ex. 2 Fill in the missing particles.

1. Why does nobody ever laugh *** my jokes?
2. Listen *** me, Mister, I don’t wanna see you in this bar ever again.
3. They find it hard to live *** their state pension.
4. Look *** all this rubbish on the floor.
5. She’s married *** an antique dealer.
6. It took some calculation, but I’ve worked out how much money we’ll need *** the project.
7. I wish you’d be nice *** your brother.
8. The thought occurred *** me this morning that it’s Natalie’s birthday tomorrow and we haven’t got her a present.
9. How much did you pay *** the tickets?
10. She showed me an old photograph *** her grandmother, dated 1911.
11. She tried not to laugh *** what he said, but she couldn’t stop a smile flickering across her face.
12. It was naive of you to think Lawson would listen *** your suggestions.
13. The cost of living is the amount of money that a person needs to live ***.
14. The house isn’t much to look *** but it’s spacious and attractive inside.
15. Stanley’s in love with Lydia, who’s married *** his sister’s boss- get the picture?
16. There’s a crying need *** a better education system.
17. She feels obliged to be nice *** Jack because he’s her boss.
18. I don’t believe he would do that — the thought would never occur *** him.
19. Did Linda pay you *** looking after her cats while she was away?
20. Police have issued a photograph *** the suspect.

Ex. 3 Fill in the missing particles.

Choose from the list

with, in, on, to, of, about, at, for

1. Jayne is so pleased *** her new car, she’s like a child with a new toy.
2. The author has insisted *** having a veto over the film version of her book.
3. Thanks for the invitation *** your birthday party.
4. Any increase *** production would be helpful.
5. I must say I’m not wildly keen *** the idea.
6. Do you know *** a good doctor?
7. The teachers were pleased *** the above-average results.
8. Her colleagues are jealous *** her success.
9. It was my older sister who introduced me *** Fellini movies.
10. Their research was presented to a gathering of geophysicists, who were very impressed *** the findings.
11. Do you know *** computers?
12. I shouted to him to call his dog off, but he just laughed *** me.
13. I enclose some money, which you may need *** your expenses.
14. It was very nice *** you to help that old gentleman across the road.
15. Does it never occur *** you that I might like to be on my own occasionally?

Note: Материал составлен на базе приложения к учебнику Round Up 5 by Virginia Evans с использованием аутентичных словарей.

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