Difficult verbs raise/rise

Глаголы raise и rise многозначны. Существует также фразы с этими глаголами, но мы не будем заострять на них внимание. Наша задача — запомнить формы и основные значения.

to raise — raised -raised -raising

1)  поднимать 2) повышать 3) собирать (Am) 4) выращивать, растить

to rise — rose — risen — rising

1)  вставать, подниматься 2) увеличиваться, повышаться 3) вставать (о солнце) 4) брать начало

Ex. 1 Fill in the verb to raise in its forms and translate the sentences.

1.     William *** his hat and smiled at her.
2.     *** your hand if you know the right answer.
3.     Many shops have *** their prices.
4.     They are *** funds to help needy youngsters.
5.     Albert *** his eyes and stared at Ruth.
6.     He *** cattle in Nebraska when he was young.
7.     Jim retired to *** raspberries.
8.     She *** the gun and fired.
9.     She *** her eyes from her work.
10. We are *** money for charity.
11. They were both *** in the South.
12. They *** her (as) a Catholic.
13. He could hardly *** the injured arm at all.
14. The farmer *** (= breeds) chickens and pigs.
15. I was born and *** in Alabama.

Ex.  2 Fill in the verb to rise in its forms and translate the sentences.

1.     The research budget *** from ?175,000 in 1999 to ?22.5 million in 2001.
2.     The divorce rate has *** steadily since the 1950s.
3.     The floodwaters began to *** again.
4.     He was accustomed to *** (= getting out of bed) early.
5.     They *** from the table.
6.     Unemployment *** (by) 3%.
7.     Air pollution has *** above an acceptable level.
8.     The Thames *** in the Cotswold hills.
9.     The aircraft *** slowly into the air.
10. As the sun *** in the sky the temperature climbed.
11. She *** from her chair to welcome us.
12. He watched the smoke *** from his cigarette…
13. Tony had *** early and gone to the cottage to work.
14. He wanted to be over the line of the ridge before the sun had ***.
15. His voice *** almost to a scream.

Ex. 3 Fill in raise or rise in their forms. Translate the sentences.

1.     Temperatures rarely *** above freezing.
2.     He *** a hand in greeting.
3.     He *** to his feet to deliver his speech.
4.     Gas *** in price.
5.     The powdery dust *** in a cloud around him.
6.     The Trust hopes to *** $1 million to buy land.
7.     I was born and *** a city boy.
8.     The university is working to *** the number of students from state schools.
9.     Her parents died when she was a baby and she was *** by her grandparents.
10. She *** to her feet.

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