Card 11 Listening

CARD №11—Listening—Text 23—page 94

Listen to the interview with Mr Ron Cansler taken by the Youth Magazine and do the following tasks.

  I. Choose the right variant:

1.Mr Ron Cansler is …

a) a young man
b) an elderly person
c) very old

2. He was one of … children in the family.
a) 2
b) 10
c) 8

3. When he was young, he worked …
a) in an office
b) on the farm
c) in a bank

4. Mr Cansler took after  …, who died at the age of 94.
a) his father
b) his mother
c) his bitter enemy

5. His wife couldn’t stand his …
a) pipe
b) farm
c) diet

Learn the following word:

a pipe*—трубка

II. TRUE or FALSE. Correct the false statements: 

  1. Mr Cansler has just celebrated his birthday.
  2. He is in perfect shape.
  3. When Mr Cansler was young, he was crazy about a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Mr Cansler and his family members were happy if they had enough to eat.
  5. All his siblings lived into an old age.
  6. Mr Cansler hasn’t tried drugs.

III. Fill in the missing words: 

  1. We had no _______________ what a healthy ______________ was.
  2. The work on the farm was _____________, and we spent all days ___________________.
  3. What you can do is be as ___________ as possible and have a_________________ attitude.

 IV.  Answer the questions: 

  1. When is Mr Cansler’s birthday?
  2. Is Mr Cansler crazy about having a healthy lifestyle?
  3. Did he take any exercises when he was young?
  4. Why did Mr Cansler try a pipe?
  5. Is it possible to avoid hardships even tragedies according to Mr Cansler?

CARD №11—Listening

Listen to the interview with Mr Ron Cansler taken by the Youth Magazine and answer the questions below.

  1. How old is Mr Cansler?
  2. What kind of life did he have when he was young?
  3. What does he recommend listeners to do?

V. Would you like to live to a great age (дожить до глубокой старости+ live to a ripe old age/ reach a great age/ make old bones)?

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