Form 10. Unit 5. Lesson 2



I. Find in the text English equivalents:

Отношения, несмотря на бедность, сильная ссора, дружелюбное окружение, был назначен,  родился, богатые впечатления, неустойчивые времена, сильное влияние, известный во всем мире, его Родина, серия работ, главная выставка, мало художников.

II. Who in the story is:

1. Marc Chagall a. Chagall’s wife
2. Bella b. Tolstoy’s daughter
3. Nijinsky c. Chagall’s friend
4. Vera d. dancer
5. Leon Bakst e. painter

III. What events happened in:

1.1887 a. died
2. 1906 b. found a patron
3. 1914 c. was born
4. 1910 d. left for St. Petersburg
5. 1985 e. sent paintings to the avant-garde exhibition

IV. Say if the statements are TRUE or FALSE:

  1. Chagall’s childhood was poor and unhappy.
  2. He learned the piano.
  3. Chagall’s parents supported his dream to become an artist.
  4. He painted all his famous works in Paris.
  5. The style of Chagall’s artwork is Cubism.
  6. During the war he resided in Belarus.
  7. In 1914 Chagall sent a few paintings to the avant-garde exhibitions in Russia.
  8. In 1917 he was appointed director of the Free Academy of Music in Paris.
  9. His first child was daughter Ida.
  10. Marc Chagall died in 1986.

V. Answer the questions:

  1. When was Chagall born?
  2. How many children were there in Chagall’s family?
  3. What did he write from an early age?
  4. What instrument did he learn to play?
  5. When did Chagall begin to display his talent?
  6. What did Chagall decide to be against his parents’ wishes?
  7. Who did he begin studying art with?
  8. When did he leave for Petersburg?
  9. When did he settle in France?
  10. When did Chagall die?

VI. Translate the sentences from Russian into English:

  1. Марк Шагал – известный художник.
  2. Он родился в Витебске в 1887 году.
  3. Его детство было бедным, но счастливым.
  4. С раннего возраста он рисовал и писал стихи.
  5. Он научился играть на скрипке.
  6. В 1906 году Шагал уехал в Петербург.
  7. Он учился искусству с Леоном Бакстом.
  8. Покровитель оплатил его учебу в Париже.
  9. На его идеи сильно повлияло творчество Роберта Делоне.
  10. В Париже он нарисовал несколько своих самых известных картин.

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