Аудирование 10 класс (Могилёв)

Районная олимпиада 10 класc 2010

Listening Comprehension Test Form 10

A friend of my brother called Andrew was going to spend Christmas with his girlfriend and her parents. Now, he hadn’t met her parents before, so you imagine how really nervous he was. Anyway, he was going to drive to their house in Guilford from the north and the plan was that he was going to arrive very late on the Christmas Eve. So his girlfriend said that she would leave the back door open so that he wouldn’t have to ring the bell and wake up the people in the house. Andrew promised to do as she had told him.
Anyway, what happened was that he arrived at the house at about two o’clock, two o’clock in the morning. His girlfriend lived in number 31 Forest Avenue, but the street lights were off and it was too dark to read the numbers on the front door. Finally he managed to see number 29 on the houses and worked out of that number 31 must be next to number 29. He stopped and went round to the back of the house as it had been arranged. To his disappointment the back door was locked. He hesitated for a moment but decided not to ring the bell. Luckily he noticed that one of the windows was open. He was able to climb through the window and open the back door in order to get his things into the house. After the drive he was very tired and hungry, so he went to the kitchen and helped himself to some food from the fridge. He took a can of beer and went quietly upstairs, not wanting to wake anyone up. And the first door he opened was the guest room. So, naturally enough, he got undressed and went to sleep.
The next morning, Christmas Day, he woke up quite late as he had gone to bed so late the previous day. He put on his dressing gown and went down to say hello to his girlfriend, meet her parents, have breakfast and give them all their presents. Now, he opened the kitchen door and stood there with his arms full of wrapped presents calling out, “Merry Christmas, everyone!” But there was no one in that room that he knew. There was a man and a woman and two little kids sitting at the kitchen table staring at him with their mouths open wide in astonishment. It turned out that he was at number 27 Forest Avenue.

I. Mark the correct continuation of the sentences (3 points)
1. According to the plan,
a) Andrew’s girlfriend was to leave a window open
b) ) Andrew was to get in through the back door
c) Andrew’s girlfriend was to wait for him at the back door

2. Andrew was able to get his things into the house
a) through the window
b) through the back door
c) through the front door

3. Before going to sleep Andrew
a) ate all the food in the fridge
b) had some food in the kitchen
c) put his cans of beer into the fridge

II. Complete the sentences according to the text (8 points)
1. Andrew arrived at the house at ______.
2. When Andrew found the back door was locked, he hesitated for a moment but decided not to ______.
3. And _______ was the guest room.
4. He opened the kitchen door and ______ calling out “Merry Christmas, everyone!”

III. Answer the questions (9 points)
1. Why did Andrew feel nervous before his visit to his girlfriend’s house?
2. How did Andrew work out which house he needed?
3. How did Andrew get inside the house?

Note: Авторы выражают огромную благодарность нашей читательнице irbond за предоставленные материалы.

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