Областная олимпиада 2009/2010 XI класс

ЗМРБ 1-2010

XI класс

Vocabulary and grammar test

I. Underline the correct choice of words in italics

1. Hurry up and buy your sandwich! Here comes/is coming the bus!
2. ‘Sorry I haven’t phoned, I lost my address book.’
‘Oh, you always lose/are always losing your address book! Why don’t you keep everything on the computer?’
3. The staff were used/ used to be paid weekly but now they receive a monthly salary.
4. Beethoven has written/wrote some of the most accomplished symphonies you will ever listen to.
5.’You speak very good Chinese’
‘Thank you. I will have lived/have lived in Beijing for eight years next month.’
6. The plane will take off/takes off at 10.45, so we’d better hurry up.
7. If we would pay/ had paid our cleaner more, she wouldn’t have left us.

II. Each sentence in the left-hand column contains a mistake. Spot the mistakes and write the correct variants of the sentences in the right-hand column.

What on earth are you cooking! It smells awfully! 8. awfull
The plane flew highly in the sky above. 9. high
She’s working like a secretary in the company. 10. as
She’s an old acquaintance of us. 11. ours
One must look after himself. 12. oneself
Me and you must get together some time. 13. You and I
The news sounded interesting, didn’t they? 14. it
Does anyone know how can I do this? 15. I can
Lagos became the President of Chile in 2000. 16. President
She began to work as soon as she left the school. 17. school

III. Complete the sentences with appropriate verbs and prepositions from the box.
Use each verb only once. Some of the prepositions will be needed more than once.
accuse agree   convince cure depend explain present prevent   quarrel rely stop supply
Prepositions: about    for    from    to    of    on    with

1.  Somehow I managed to 18) ___ my parents 19) ___ my innocence.
2. The subcontractors should be able to 20) ___ you 21) ___ spare parts.
3. The immigration authorities couldn’t 22) ___ the refugees 23) ___ entering the country.
4. Do you honestly think this faith healer will manage to 24) ___ him 25) ___ his stutter?
5. The chief Constable is going to 26) ___ Harold 27) ____ this year’s award for bravery.
6. I’m rather confused; you’d better 28) ___ that procedure 29) ____ me again.
7. Don’t take it out on me; I’ve never tried to 30) ____ you 31) ____ doing what you felt was right.
8. I wouldn’t dare 32) ___ him 33) ___  stealing, although I certainly don’t trust him.
9. I absolutely refuse to 34) ___  35) ___ them 36) ___  my comments; they were completely justified.
10. Since the accident he’s had to 37) ___  38) ___  his mother 39) ___ everything.
11. In the event of a power cut you will have to 40) ____ 41) ___ the emergency generator 42) ___ electricity.
12. Look, just give me the car keys; I don’t want to 43) ____  44) ____ you 45) ____this any longer.

IV. Read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.


Giving the ideal speech is a matter of 46) ____in yourself                   CONFIDENT             and in what you’re going to say. This may be 47) ____said                  EASY
than done, part of the answer lies in your careful 48) _____               PREPARE
Note down your key points, 49) ________ on postcards or other      PREFER
small slips. Don’t make the mistake of trying to script your
speech word for word. You may gain a sense of 50) _____                  SECURE
from doing this but when you come to deliver your speech it
will sound 51)_____.                                                                                   NATURE
Keep it brief. It’s no good saying afterwards, I delivered
it well but they fell asleep.’ To grab their 52) _________ , begin       ATTEND
your speech with a few arresting thoughts or phrases, but
steer clear of jokes. As a 53) ___________  , you’ll show your           BEGIN
54) __________ in your face as you wonder whether your joke        NERVOUS
will succeed. Be a top-class speaker — not an amateur 55) ______!    COMEDY

Answers: confidence, easily, preparation, preferably, security, unnatural, attention, beginner, nervousness, comedian.

V. Complete the disjunctive questions with appropriate tags.
For example:
It’s a difficult test, ______?  It’s a difficult test, isn’t it?

56) I’m still part of the team, _________ ?
57)  Let’s try that new restaurant, __________     ?
58)  Someone’s been taking my food again, _______?
59)  Don’t annoy me, ____________?
60)  Mary and John had another baby last year, _______?
61)  You had met him before, ___________?
62)  Nobody has phoned, ____________?
63)  You’ll be able to watch the children for an hour, _______?

VI. Underline the correct word

64.The traffic was stationary/stationery for a few minutes, then it began to move again.
65. She paid me a nice compliment/complement; she said I was the most intelligent person she had ever worked with.
66. I’m sorry! I wasn’t trying to evade/avoid you. I just didn’t know you were here.
67. I’ve left my pen at home. Can you borrow/lend me one?
68. She stopped running to catch/hold her breath.
69. The prices have raised/risen greatly.
70. We are stuck here so we might as well do/make the best of it.
71. When I have nothing to do, I just surf/connect the net.
72. Don’t you dare to cut/jump the queue!

VII. For each of the sentences find two words with the same sound, but different spelling.

For example: Smoking is not allowed here. Read the text aloud, please.

I cannot 73) _______   to see any animal suffering.
The giant pulled the roof off the house with 74) ________    hands.

As soon as the policeman was out of 75) _________      , one of the men broke the window.
This spot you are standing on was once the 76) __________     of a great battle.

The dress showed off Maria’s beautiful thin 77) __________        …
Quite frankly, this whole scheme has been a 78) ___________     of time and money.

The bus 79) __________  was rather high in London.
Her 80) __________          hair glistened in the sun.


I. 1. comes, 2. are always losing, 3. used, 4. wrote, 5. will have lived, 6. takes off, 7. had paid.

8. What on earth are you cooking! It smells awful!
9.The plane flew high in the sky above.
10. She’s working as a secretary in the company.
11. She’s an old acquaintance of ours.
12. One must look after oneself.
13. You and I must get together some time.
14. The news sounded interesting, didn’t it?
15. Does anyone know how I can do this?
16. Lagos became President of Chile in 2000.
17. She began to work as soon as she left school.

18. convince, 19. of, 20. supply, 21. with, 22. prevent, 23. from, 24. cure, 25. of, 26. present, 27. with, 28. explain, 29. to, 30. stop/prevent, 31. from, 32. accuse, 33. of, 34. agree, 35. with, 36. about, 37. depend/rely, 38. on, 39. for, 40. rely/depend, 41. on, 42. for, 43. quarrel, 44. with, 45. about.

IV. 46. confidence, 47. easier 48. preparation, 49. preferably, 50. Security, 51. unnatural, 52. attention, 53. beginner, 54. nervousness, 55. comedian.

56. aren’t I?, 57. shall we?, 58. haven’t they, 59. will you? / could you?, 60. didn’t they?, 61. hadn’t you?, 62. have they?, 63. won’t you?

VI. 64. stationary, 65. compliment, 66. avoid, 67. lend, 68. catch, 69. risen, 70. make, 71. surf, 72. jump.

VII. 73. bear, 74. bare, 75. sight, 76. site, 77. waist, 78. waste, 79. fare, 80. fair.

Note: большое спасибо Юрию за ключи.

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