Some notes of good English

Do you say: «I am a student OF Minsk State Linguistic University»? This isn’t a mistake but for native speakers it’s more natural to say «I’m a student AT Minsk State Linguistic University»

Do you say «the English language faculty?» It’s better to say «the English language department«, especially for Americans.

Don’t say you are «taking a course«, when you study more than one subject. Say «program» instead. By the way, both program and programme will do.

It is widely considered incorrect in English to begin a sentence  with a conjunction. So, don’t start like this, «And I am proud of him». Say, «I am..

It might seem a bit unnatural to say «while at the same time», but in modern English these  conjunctions are often used together to denote two independent actions happening simultaneously, » … while at the same time he’s working for EPAM systems’.

These are my notes from Lang-8.

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