Form 7. Синонимы слова «beautiful»

Task 1. Remember the words and their meanings.

beautiful — прекрасный, красивый
pretty — хорошенький; симпатичный ( о женщине, ребёнке )
lovely — красивый, очаровательный, привлекательный; обаятельный
good-looking — красивый; интересный; обладающий приятной внешностью
handsome — красивый ( чаще о мужчине ); статный
ugly — безобразный, уродливый
gorgeous — разг. потрясающе красивый, шикарный
attractive — притягательный, привлекательный, заманчивый

Task 2 (advanced). Study the definitions and mind the difference.

1) gorgeous — ( informal ) very beautiful and attractive; giving pleasure and enjoyment (=lovely)
2) attractive — ( of a person ) pleasant to look at, especially in a sexual way( of a thing or a place ) pleasant
3) good-looking — having a pleasing or attractive appearance : pretty, handsome, or beautiful
4) pretty — ( especially of a woman, or a girl ) attractive without being very beautiful
5) lovely — beautiful, attractive; ( informal ) ( of a person ) very kind, generous and friendly
6) beautiful- having beauty; pleasing to the senses or to the mind, very attractive
7) handsome — describes a man who is physically attractive in a traditional, male way
8) ugly unpleasant to look at

Task 3. Try to remember the words with the help of Hot Pot exercises.


Task 4. Do the test. Think of a word which suits all three sentences. The answers are in white.

Jane was a great beauty, but I was always considered to be the ugly sister.
The room was full of heavy, ugly furniture.
The screaming child in her arms was an ugly little thing.
He looks really handsome in his uniform, doesn’t he?
Lena had fallen in love with a rich, handsome Frenchman.
My brother was two years older than me, taller, and more handsome.
He was tall and quite good-looking.
She was not exactly good-looking, but definitely attractive.
She arrived with a very good-looking man.
She looked really lovely in the blue dress.
The cool water felt lovely after being in the hot sun.
It was a lovely evening— calm and still.
A pretty little girl was standing in the doorway.
Lydia— what a pretty name!
That’s a pretty flower— what’s it called?
I remember her as pretty, almost beautiful.
She didn’t need make-up. She was naturally beautiful.
She had a classically beautiful face.
The camera has many attractive features at a very attractive price.
He was always immensely attractive to women.
This is a big house with an attractive garden.
He’s got gorgeous eyes.
He’s just started going out with this really gorgeous girl.
You look gorgeous!


Reference material for both teachers and pupils

Synonyms: beautiful • pretty • handsome • attractive • lovely • good-looking • gorgeous
These words all describe people who are pleasant to look at.

beautiful • (especially of a woman or girl) very pleasant to look at:

She looked stunningly beautiful that night.

pretty • (especially of a girl or woman) pleasant to look at: She’s got a very pretty face.
Pretty is used most often to talk about girls. When it is used to talk about a woman, it usually suggests that she is like a girl, with small, delicate features.

handsome • (of a man) pleasant to look at; (of a woman) pleasant to look at, with large strong features rather than small delicate ones: He was described as tall, dark and handsome.

attractive • (of a person) pleasant to look at, especially in a sexual way: She’s a very attractive woman.

lovely • (of a person) beautiful; very attractive: She looked particularly lovely that night.
When you describe sb as lovely, you are usually showing that you also have a strong feeling of affection for them.

good-looking • (of a person) pleasant to look at, often in a sexual way: She arrived with a very good-looking man.

gorgeous • (informal) (of a person) extremely attractive, especially in a sexual way: You look gorgeous!

attractive or good-looking?

If you describe sb as attractive you often also mean that they have a pleasant personality as well as being pleasant to look at; good-looking just describes sb’s physical appearance.

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