Form 7 Unit 2 Lesson 10

Some additional materials to Lesson 10 Unit 2 Form 7, Ex.2a,b pp 40-41 (before reading the text)

I. Choose corresponding definitions to the following words:

pair, shopaholic, catch sb’s eye, prefer, mind, actually, whenever, anyway, cheap, expensive, wardrobe, buy, a good buy, window shopping

  1. the ​activity of ​spending ​time ​looking at the ​goods on ​sale in ​shop ​windows without ​intending to ​buy any of them
  2. a ​person who ​enjoys ​shopping very much and does it a lot
  3. to be attractive or different enough to be noticed by people
  4. used to give a more important reason for something that you are saying
  5. not expensive, or costing less than usual
  6. costing a lot of money
  7. used when you are saying what is the truth of a situation
  8. to like someone or something more than another person or thing
  9. to be annoyed or worried by something
  10. a large cupboard for keeping clothes in
  11. to get something by paying money for it
  12. when you buy something good for a cheap price
  13. every time or at any time
  14. something that is made of two parts that are joined together

Answers: 1. window shopping 2. shopaholic 3. catch sb’s eye 4. anyway 5. cheap 6. expensive 7. actually 8. prefer 9. mind 10. wardrobe 11. buy 12. a good buy 13. whenever 14. pair

II. Test on Definitions in Hot Pot

III. Nouns only singular and only plural


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