Form 8. Unit 8. Famous Actors

Дополнительный материал к уроку в 8 классе по теме «Cinema. Favourite Actors».

Все знают, что у знаменитостей есть двойники. Но чтобы настолько похожие!  Мало того, Джонни Депп и Дэнни Лопез родились в один день! Это удивительно и пугающе.

Читаем и отвечаем на вопросы.

A famous face?

Read the article and answer the questions after it.

You probably haven’t heard of Danny Lopez, but his amazing resemblance to the actor Johnny Depp has made him one of the most successful celebrity lookalikes in the world.

Danny started acting at the age of seven and he’s appeared in over 500 films, plays and TV shows as an actor and a musician. He first realised that he looked like Johnny Depp in 1984, when he saw Johnny in the film A Nightmare on Elm Street. “Now, almost every time I walk down the street, people confuse me with Depp,” says Danny. (By the way, Danny’s photo is the one on the right.)

These days Danny works as a professional Johnny Depp lookalike, making appearances at private parties and public events all over the world. He’s worked for many famous companies and he’s done a lot of work for charity. “It can be a fun job sometimes,” says Danny. “The best thing I like about it is that it makes kids happy.” He often dresses as characters from Depp’s films, such as Captain Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka or the Mad Hatter, and he’s spent over $20,000 on costumes.

“I haven’t met Johnny,” says Danny, “but he knows about me.” And an incredible coincidence is that Danny and Johnny were born on exactly the same day — 9th June 1963!

a lookalike – двойник
appear in a film – появляться/сниматься в фильме
realise something – осознавать
for charity – на благотворительность
a character — персонаж, герой
a costume – костюм

1. Have you ever heard of Danny Lopez? And about Johnny Depp?
2. What is Danny’s profession?
3. When did Danny start acting?
4. When did he realise that he looked like Johnny Depp?
5. What does Danny do now?
6. Where does Danny make appearances as Johnny Depp?
7. What does Danny think is the best thing about the job?
8. Do Danny and Johnny Depp know each other?
9. What do Danny Lopez and Johnny Depp have in common?

1) Face to Face Pre-Intermediate p.30
2) Фото:

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