Form 7. Unit 9. Word Formation

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals

1 The top model was ____ dressed in an elegant evening gown. BEAUTY
2 My street is ___ because it’s far from any main roads. PEACE
3 There are thousands of ____ people sleeping in the streets. HOME
4 I was fined because I was driving ___ . CARE
5 The directions you gave us were rather ___ as we still got lost. HELP
6 I can’t concentrate on the lesson, my neighbours were noisy and I had a ___ night. SLEEP
7 The musical performance was so ____that the audience gave the orchestra a standing ovation. POWER
8 He has completed his school studies ___ . SUCCESS
9 The new lazer treatment can extract teeth ___. PAIN
10 It’s just a ___dog. There is no need to panic. HARM

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