Vocabulary Exercise Form 6 Unit 4

A small vocabulary exercise Form 6 Unit 4.

Exercise 1. Complete the sentences with your active vocabulary:

punish, ghosts, appeared, aliens, monster, gold (adj), terrible, disappeared, unusual, wears, turned into, magic (adj), believes, imagine, hung, magic, magician


  1. Do you believe in *** ?
  2. We didn’t like the cafe, the food there was ***.
  3. It is difficult to *** London without Big Ben.
  4. She has a very *** name.
  5. The *** waved his magic wand.
  6. This book is about other planets and ***.
  7. He *** the painting on the wall.
  8. One by one, the stars *** in the sky.
  9. The dinosaurs *** millions of years ago.
  10. She *** a white blouse to work.
  11. The mice *** strong white horses.
  12. Some parents *** their children for bad marks.
  13. My Granny goes to church, she *** in God.
  14. The magician flew away on a *** carpet.
  15. She wears a *** cross round her neck.
  16. The movie was about a huge green ***.
  17. *** are believed to live in old castles.

Note: упражнение составлено на базе аутентичных словарей.

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