Сравнительная конструкция the … the

Материал к уроку в 9 классе. Form 9. Construction the… the

I. Read and translate the poem
The more I study, the more I know.
The more I know, the more I forget.
The more I forget, the less I know.
The less I know, the less I forget.
The less I forget, the more I know.
So why then study?!

II. Translate the sentences
1. The more he read, the less he understood. 2. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish. 3. The longer he stayed there, the less he liked these people. 4. The longer we stayed there, the more we liked the place. 5. The more educated a person is, the more modest (скромный) he usually is. 6. The shorter is the night, the longer is the day. 7. The stronger is the wind, the higher are the waves. 8. The older I get, the happier I am. 9. The more people you know, the less time you have to see them. 10. The more dangerous it is, the more I like it.

III. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate words
1. The more I watch the serial, ____ (interesting) it becomes. 2. The older we get, ___ (few) friends we have. 3. The more you work, ___ (boring) you become. 4. The more mistakes you make, ___ (good) you learn. 5. The more I spend time with my family, ____ (little) I earn. 6. The better she knows him, ___ (much) she dislikes him. 7. The higher the level, ____ (difficult) it is to pass the exam. 8. The faster you drive, ____ (much) petrol you burn. 9. The more you study, ____ (little) time you have for friends. 10. (Much)____ I want, the more unhappy I am.

IV. Fill in the gaps with the necessary forms of adjectives in the comparative degree of the the … the construction
1. The_______information we have, the______are the decisions [much, good]. 2. The _______a work is, the______criticism it attracts [good, much]. 3.The_______friends you have on Facebook, the____you have in real life [many, few]. 4. The_______is the change, the_____is the trouble [little, much]. 5. The______are the life barriers, the_______we become [high, strong]. 6. The______ the world gets, the_____ buildings appear [bad, good]. 7. The_____a vacation is, the_____the recreation (отдых) will last [short, bad]. 8. The______are food costs, the______ are the prices [low, good]. 9. The___ hours mothers work, the __ are the children [many, heavy]. 10.The_________is the hair, the______is a hairdo (причёска) [long, good].

1. English Grammar Rules & Exercises / Сборник упражнений к основным правилам …
Авторы: Татьяна Камянова
2. https://english4real.com/grammar-ex-adjectives-the.html

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