Form 6. Few/a few, little/a little


Fill in few/a few and little/a little:


  1. I ate ____ meat and ____ potatoes for dinner.
  2. He got up late, drank ____ tea and rushed to school.
  3. You must eat ___ of this soup. It is full of vitamins.
  4. There is ____ snow on the ground this winter. The ground is almost bare.
  5. The tea is not sweet; there is ____ sugar in it.
  6. There is ____ coffee in your cup. Shall I give you some more?
  7. I want you to buy ____ loaves of brown bread; we are going on a picnic.
  8. Is there much water in the bottle? — Oh, no. There is ____ water in it.
  9. Do many people know about this new bookstore? — No, only ___.
  10. Why did you put ___ sugar in your coffee? It won’t be sweet.
  11. There are ___ sweets in the box. It’s almost empty.
  12. I’ve got ___apples. I can make some juice.
  13. I would like ___ biscuits to drink with tea.
  14. I eat ___ fish. I prefer meat.
  15. Would you like some coffee? – Just ____.
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