Form 8. Unit 8. Cinema. Lexical-Grammar Test

Form 8. Unit 8. Cinema. Lexical-Grammar Test

I. Match the word and its definition (one definition is extra):

1) Producer  a) a place where cinema films are made
2) Comedy b) a funny film with a happy ending
3) Musical c) a film about cowboys and life in the Wild West
4) Studio d) a well-known actor or actress in cinema pictures
5) Film star e) a film with songs and often dances
6) Role f) a theatre where moving pictures are shown
7) Cinema g) a person who has general control, especially of money for a film
h) the part of an actor or an actress in a film

II. Make up sentences:

1) My father is fond a) in the history of the cinema.
2) She has never cared b) of documentary films.
3) My pupils are interested c) about horror films.
4) My brother is crazy d) for historical films.
5) The new film is very popular e) with the spectators.

III. Write the text. Fill in the words:

cartoon, king, music, realistic, favourite, happens, drawings, lion, character, African

My (1) … film is Walt Disney’s “The lion King”. It’s a (2) … . More than a million (3) … are used in it. “The Lion King” is a story which (4)… in Africa, it uses African (5) … and (6) … names. This cartoon is (7) … . The main (8) … in the film is Simba, a baby (9) …, who is going to be (10) … of the animals.

IV. Make up questions:

1) You, enjoy, the film, yesterday, did?
2) What film, you, see, next week, will?
3) What, he, just, said, has?
4) How much, time, it, take, you, to go, does, to the cinema?
5) Who, usually, buys, tickets, for you?

V. Choose the right answer

1) Why… Disney’s cartoons so popular?

a) do b) does c) are d) is

2) What is on at … “Odeon”?

a) – b) a c) at d) the

3) Many Russian films have won international prizes ,… ?

a) have they b) haven’t they c) are they d) aren’ t they

4) Smile! The cameraman … pictures.

a) takes b) take c) is taking d) are taking

5) Walt Disney has won … “Oscars” than any other person.

a) most b)more c) much d) many

6) Mr. Jones is a famous designer. Do you know …?

a) his b) he c) him d) her

Note: compiled from different books.

Автор разработки: Котова Елена Александровна

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