Form 8. Unit 9. Lessons 3-4

Form 8. Unit 9. Lessons 3-4
Lexical Drills

Exercise 1
Translate from Russian into English:

1. обожать
2. огромный
3. хихикать
4. заманчивый
5. не выносить

Exercise 2
Translate from English into Russian:

1. to be crazy about
2. breathtaking
3. charming
4. a cinemagoer
5. gripping

Exercise 3
Match two parts of the sentences:

1. This film had A. him.
2. We spent two weeks B. detective films very much.
3. Comedies are always C. in a breathtaking place.
4. I adore D. an enormous success.
5. I can’t stand E. funny and catching.


Exercise 4
Put the sentences into reported speech by adding “ He said that …”

1. Lilly is crazy about Bruce Willis.
2. My sister adores romantic films.
3. This drama is gripping.
4. I have already seen this action film.
5. I don’t fancy going to the cinema on this snowy and frosty day.

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