Exercises to Card 2

Упражнения к Билету 2 разработаны Гоцкало Мариной Валентиновной.


Reading “UNESCO World Heritage List”

1. Find in the text English equivalents:

Вступила, плодотворные отношения, международные организации, интересные проекты, уникальный, успешное сочетание, наследие, сотни туристов, заповедник, архитектура, самые впечатляющие замки, резиденция, Восточная Европа, проспект Независимости, Возрождение.

 2. Translate into Russian:

Numerous, culture, sites, included, object, protected, for centuries, Museum Reserve, no wonder, restored, landmark, world famous, historical data, survived, propose, for inclusion, Postwar Architecture.

 3. Say if the sentences are TRUE or FALSE:

    1. Belarus joined the UNESCO in 1964.
    2. In 1992, the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park was the first one to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    3. The Mir Castle Complex was built at the beginning of the 18th
    4. In 2010 two more sites were included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
    5. For centuries the Nesvizh Palace used to be the residence of the Radziwills.
    6. The Radziwills were one of the richest families in Belarus.
    7. The Nesvizh Palace is visited by hundreds of tourists from all over the world.
    8. The Struve Arc is a world famous museum.
    9. There are only 29 geodesic points survived in Belarus.
    10. Belarus is going to propose to add Independence Avenue in Minsk for conclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

4. Answer the questions according to the text:

    1. When did Belarus join UNESCO?
    2. What interesting projects does Belarus programme of UNESCO activities include?
    3. How many Belarusian sites have already been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List?
    4. Since when has the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park been protected?
    5. What site was also added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000?
    6. What two more sites were included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005?
    7. What family was the richest one in Europe?
    8. What Palace used to be the Residence of the Radziwills?
    9. What is the Struve Arc?
    10. How many geodesic points are survived in Belarus?

5. Match the words of the two columns to make up the word combinations used in the text and translate them into Russian: 

1. dynamic a. organizations
2. hundreds of b. construction
3. impressive c. Avenue
4. famous d. data
5. Independence e. relations
6. international f. tourists
7. successful g. projects
8. historical h. points
9. geodesic i. combinations
10. interesting j. castles

 6. Give the equivalents from the text that mean the same:

    1. a place where something is, was or will be built;
    2. features belonging to the culture of a particular society such as traditions, languages, buildings;
    3. a large area of land covered with trees and plants;
    4. a large strong building built in the past by a ruler or important person to protect the people inside from attack;
    5. a large house that is the official home of a king or queen;
    6. to make something by putting bricks or other materials together;
    7. having a lot of money or valuable possessions;
    8. to return something to an earlier condition ( to bring something to existence);
    9. to become a member of an organization;
    10. someone who visits place for pleasure and interest, usually while on holiday.

II. Listening

Listen to the speaker speaking about choosing a career and:

 1. Choose the right answer:

  1. Choosing a profession is one of the most important decisions that influences:

a) your behaviour
b) all your life
c) your work

2. Choosing a profession is like choosing……..

a) a wife
b) a husband
c) a wife, husband and friends

3. Nowadays everybody’s top priority is…..

a) money
b) friends
c) family

4. Young people usually try to get jobs that are…..

a) part-time
b) well-paid
c) very hard

5. Jobs that are not so well paid connected with……

a) education and science
b) cinema and theatre
c) information technologies


  1. Choosing a profession influences all our life.
  2. There are few reasons for choosing this or that profession.
  3. Nowadays young people try to get jobs connected with medicine.
  4. Such things as talent and personal interest should be taken into consideration.
  5. If you are not interested in what you are doing you will achieve good results.

3. Fill in the missing words

  1. Choosing a _____is one of the most important ______ that influences all our life.
  2. It is like choosing a ____ or a ____, choosing _____ to rely on.
  3. Nowadays young people try to get jobs that are ______ .
  4. If you haven’t got _____ for the profession you have chosen, later you will face a lot of ______.
  5. Take into _____________such things as _________ and _____________.

4. Answer the questions: 

  1. What is one of the most important decisions that influences all our life?
  2. What is everybody’s top priority nowadays?
  3. What professions do young people usually try to get?
  4. What professions are not so popular among young people?
  5. Will you achieve good results if you are not interested in what you are doing? 

III. Speaking

1. Translate the words into Russian:

Provide, contemporary, technologies, equipped, opportunity, knowledge, subject, timetable, creative, relationship.

2. Find pairs of antonyms to the words:

1. good a. stupid
2. enter b. remove
3. modern c. boring
4. smart d. finish
5. provide e. poor
6. enjoyable f. adult
7. begin g. unemployment
8. child h. untalented
9. job i. stop
10. creative j. old

 3. Find pairs of synonyms to the words: 

1. understand a. class
2. interesting b. trouble
3. progress c. know
4. lesson d. connect
5. advise e. ability
6. problem f. attractive
7. communicate g. vogue
8. skill h. educate
9. fashion i. suggest
10. teach j. improvement

4. Find corresponding words to definitions:

  1. the process of teaching or learning or the knowledge that you get from this;
  2. a place where children go to be educated;
  3. an electronic device that can store large amounts of information;
  4. a period of time in which a person is taught about a subject or how to do something;
  5. someone whose job is to teach in a school or college;
  6. to know the meaning of something that someone says;
  7. to give someone official information about something;
  8. to share information with others by speaking, writing, moving your body or using other signals;
  9. a person who is being taught, especially a child at school;
  10. producing or using original and unusual ideas.
creative, school, pupil, lesson, advise, understand, communicate, computer, education, teacher

5. Fill in the missing words:

  1. How many _______ do you have e very day?
  2. Many schools are ________ with modern technologies?
  3. Good________ depends not only on school and teachers.
  4. You are constantly learning new __________?
  5. Do you take part in ______________ activities?

6. Translate the words in brackets:

  1. Any pupil is given a (возможность) to be a success at school.
  2. School (обеспечивает) pupils with a good basis.
  3. What is your favourite (предмет)?
  4. They can’t (заставить) us do anything if we don’t want it.
  5. You are (постоянно) learning new skills.
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