Card 12 Listening

CARD №12—Listening—Text 37—page 103

Learn the following words:

free-willing*—свободолюбивый; plague*—чума

Listen to the conversation between Nancy and her mum and do the following tasks.

  I. Choose the right variant:

1.Nancy …
a) is a school girl
b) studies at college
c) works as a cleaner

2. Now she is …
a) studying hard
b) on vacation
c) cleaning up her room

3. Her mum wants Nancy to …
a) make brunch
b) do the dusting
c) clean her room

4. Her parents are more concerned about pollution …
a) in her room
b) on the planet
c) in space

5. Her mum also asks her to …
a) do the ironing
b) make her bed
c) wash the dishes

II. TRUE or FALSE. Correct the false statements:

  1. Nancy has been home from college for 3 weeks now.
  2. Nancy doesn’t have to clean up her room at home.
  3. Her father is afraid of pneumonia.
  4. Big corporations are polluting our environment.
  5. Mum also says that since Nancy is at home she should do as her parents say.

III. Fill in the missing words:

  1. Father said this ____________  if the ______________ is going to start anywhere in this country, it’s going to start in your ____________.
  2. (Mum) But we still have that ____________________ idea about __________________________ in the morning.

 IV.  Answer the questions:

  1. Has Nancy cleaned her room yet?
  2. Do they have to clean up their room at college?
  3. How do they use the time they save according to Mum?—
  4. Why are big corporations so harmful to our environment?
  5. Did Nancy agree to clean up her room in the end?
  6. She likes her vacation at home, doesn’t she?

CARD №12—Listening

Listen to the conversation between Nancy and her mum and answer the questions below.

  1. What do Nancy’s parents worry about?
  2. Why does Nancy refuse to do household chores?
  3. What arguments does Mum use to make Nancy clean the room?

 V. Do you agree with Nancy that household chores can spoil any vacation?

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