Form 11. Unit 2. Lesson 6

Florence Nightingale. Reading exercises

Exercise 1

Translate from English into Russian:

a rich family, was named, in affluent families, do almost nothing, taught her various subjects, good with numbers, a gift for, a calling, purpose was, refused to allow her, seemed unachievable, was asked to go to, to manage the nursing, mass infections, lack of sanitation, poor hospital conditions, set up, with her passion to the job, falls in love with a nurse, didn’t have a family of her own, health situation, a great influence on the public opinion, became a role model, changed the face of nursing, well-respected medical profession, important responsibilities.

Exercise 2

What do these numbers mean in the text?

1830, 200, 17, 1854, 2, 40.

Exercise 3

True or False:

1.Florence was born in a poor family.

2.She was named after a bird.

3.Her father didn’t teach her any subjects.

4.She wasn’t good with numbers.

5.She had a gift for languages.

6.At first grandparents refused to allow her to become a nurse.

7.In 1855 she received the necessary qualifications.

8.Florence was asked to go to Russia.

9. Florence and her nurses achieved a lot in changing the poor hospital conditions.

10. Now only 1 per cent of soldiers died in hospitals.

11.She was given the name » The Lady with the Lamp».

12. Florence didn’t have her own family.

13. When she returned to England, she started a school for nurses and wrote a poem.

14. All in all she wrote some 250 books and articles.

15. Florence Nightingale became a role model for many women in Victorian France.

16. There is a museum in London that is named after her.

Exercise 4

Answer the questions:

1. Who was Florence Nightingale?

2. When and where was she born?

3. What were her strengths?

4. Did she have a strong character? Why?

5.Why did she go to Turkey?

6. What did Florence and her nurses do to improve poor hospital conditions?

7. She was also called «The angel of the Crimea», wasn’t she? Why?

8.What did she do when she returned to England?

9.Why did Florence Nightingale become a role model for many women in England?

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