В Витебской области также прошли городские (районные) олимпиады по английскому языку. Как Вы знаете, задания этого этапа разрабатываются методистами института повышения образования. Интересно посмотреть, насколько олимпиады отличаются в разных областях Беларуси. Ведь в конечном счёте областную и республиканскую олимпиаду дети получат одинаковую.

Республиканская олимпиада по английскому языку
II этап (районный, городской).
2010-2011 учебный год

Заместитель председателя областного оргкомитета
республиканской олимпиады
Первый заместитель начальника управления образования
Витебского облисполкома Л.М.Степанов

22 октября 2010 года


I. Choose the best option (А, В, С or D) to fill in each gap.


Parkour (from the French ‘parcours’ means ‘course’) is a new activity which takes place in towns. The aim is to get over, under or through (1) …obstacles like hedges, or man-made objects like buildings, in the fastest, most direct manner possible. The sport demands great agility and (2) … athletics, dance and acrobatics. Participants in the sport are (3) … traceurs’ and are (4). to improvise their movements rather than rehearse them. However, in order not to cause themselves (5) … injury as they run up walls or jump from rooftop to rooftop. They have to learn good jumping and landing techniques.
In the UK the sport really (6)… after it was featured on television but it actually (7) … in the suburbs of Paris in 1988. In its (8) days there were no tricks for their own sake but (9) …. after the sport became really popular, some participants started doing interesting things for show like mid-air flips.

A native В natural С usual D accustomed
A jumbles В ties С combines D fixes
A proposed В marked С signed D called
A hoped В demanded С needed D expected
A grim В strict С serious D cruel
A got out В took off С turned on D came out
A originated В made С derived D resulted
A beforehand В previous С early D preceding
A following В later В later D presently

II. Fill In the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Jason’s uncle, who was a sailor, 1 ….  (travel) around the world for years. On his return, he 2 ….(come) to the house with presents for everyone. To Jason he gave an old lamp which he 3 … (buy) in Saudi Arabia. Jason tried to hide his disappointment at such a dirty old gift, but thanked his uncle for bringing it anyway. When his uncle 4… (go), Jason’s mother wanted to take the lamp to an antique shop and  5 … (it/clean).   «That’s  OK,»  said Jason. «I  6 … (do) it myself.  So he took it away and started polishing it.  As he 7 … (rub) away the dirt some smoke 8  … (come) out of it and, out of the smoke, appeared a large rather frightening man. «Who are you?» cried Jason. «I am the Genie of the Lamp,» the man replied. «You can have three wishes. But be careful! If you 9 …(wish) well, you 10 … (reward),   but   if   you   11 … (wish)   badly,   you   12….  (bring) disaster on yourself and your family.» Jason thought for a while and said, «I wish everyone in the world would have enough food.» ‘Good boy,» said the Genie. «And I wish the peoples of the world would stop fighting each other,» he said.  «One more.» Now Jason thought really hard. My mum  13 …. (work)  a   lot   recently  and  she’s   really  tired   ail   the   time.   If she   14 … (have) a car, she 15 … (not/be) so tired.» So he wished for a car.  «You   16…  (choose) well,»  said  the  Genie  and  disappeared.  Jason   17 … (not/tell) his um about what 18 … (happen), but the next day a letter arrived for her saying: «You 19 … (win) first prize in our car competition. A brand new Mercedes 20 … (deliver) to your home within the next few days.»

III. Complete the text using the right articles if necessary.

Last summer, my family decided at (1) … short notice to go for (2) … one-week holiday in (3) … Netherlands. We needed (4) … accommodation with (5) … space for six people. One of our friends has (6) … good knowledge of (7) … country, as he works in (8) … travel industry, so we asked him for (9) …advice. He suggested (10) … area which, he said. usually has (11) … good weather and recommended (12) … hotel which (13) … most people like because (14)… food is excellent.
Within (15)… hour of arriving at (16) … hotel, I bumped into (17) … old friend, Barbara, whom I hadn’t seen for ten уears. We had been at (18)… school together, and there had been (19)… time when we were very close. But over the years, we had lost (20) .. contact.

IV. Complete the spaces with the correct prepositions.

One of the most successful rock bands (1)__   all time is the Rolling Stones, still touring (2) __ a regular basis after 40 years (3) ___ the business. They have had a huge effect (4) __ many other groups. One reason (5) ___ their success is that there isn’t any rivalry (6) ___the band members. Mick Jagger, who some people say is full (7) ___ himself, loves the publicity and dealing (8) __the media, whereas Charlie Warts prefers to stay (9) __the background. There have been the occasional arguments, but these should be kept (10) __    perspective.

V. Choose the verbs to fill in the blanks. Put them in the correct form. There is one extra verb which you don’t need to use.

put   catch  pick  set   wear   work  take  live   stand   pass   fасе

1. It was a long time before the idea ____ on but, once it did, it became incredibly popular.
2. Children of famous fathers or mothers often find it hard ___up to their parents’ hopes and expectations.
3. My toothache gradually ___off as the painkillers started taking effect.
4. Sports commentators have ___ her poor performance down to lack of training.
5. Did you find it difficult ___up to the news that you had been made redundant?
6. It’s great that I’ve got the Internet, but my new computer ___me back a month’s pay.
7. Sheila can’t play her part in the school production so you’ll have ___ in for her.
8. The billionaire, a renowned philanthropist, left all his money to charity when he ___ away.
9. After a difficult day at the office I like to ___off stress by digging in my garden
10. It’s well known that those who ___ on people smaller or weaker than themselves are lacking in self-confidence.

VI. Paraphrase the sentences using the words in brackets. Do not change this word. You must use between 2 and 5 words.

1. Ann was the only one who didn’t enjoy the performance. (apart)
Everyone _________  Ann.

2. It was raining so they cancelled the picnic. (owing)
The picnic ____ rain.

3. Alison would rather not go out to dinner with us. (feel)
Alison ______ out to dinner with us.

4.   My car really needs to be repaired soon. (must)
I really ______repaired soon.

5. It’s unusual for Carol to get angry with her staff. (hardly)
Carol ________temper with her staff.

VII. Fill in the blanks with one suitable word.

Many tourists nowadays walk around carrying plastic bottles of water, even in cities The bottle seems to (1) … become an important fashion accessory, and not just for tourists. Nowadays everyone seems to carry a bottle of water with (2)….wherever they go. This fashion for being seen with bottled water, sometimes called ‘designer water’, (3) … led to a massive increase (4)     … sales over the past few years. There are now (5) …. many  different brand names available in the shops that it is hard to choose.
But (6) …. do some people prefer their water from a bottle rather than a tap? To start with, water forms (7)… vital part of a healthy lifestyle. We are now advised to drink two litres of water daily, as (8) ….        as eating large quantities of fruit and vegetables. In addition (9) ….  this, designer water offers the promise of purity.
It is advertised as clean and natural, while tap water may be viewed (10) … suspicion.

VIII. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the basic word given above the text.


glomour    end    belief    grow  frighten embarrass

The Paparazzi
Our interest in the private lives of celebrities seems (1)___  . This has caused a (2) ___in the number of paparazzi’, those photojournalists who follow (3)  _____     celebrities around to get (4)___ pictures of them, which they then sell to popular magazines. There is a (3) ___large number of them, and some go to (6) ___ lengths to get a picture.

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