Районная олимпиада 10 класс

10th Form
Total 75

I. Read the text and insert the letter corresponding to the best choice (А, В, С or D).

(1)______ after my education at college was (2) ____ I happened to be staying at Paris with an English friend. We were both young men (3) ______   and lived, I am afraid, (4) _____ a wild life, in the delightful city of our sojourn. One night we were idling about the neighborhood of the Palais Royal, doubtful to what amusement we should (5 ) ________ next. My friend (6) _______ a visit to Frascati’s: but his suggestion was not to my taste. I knew Frascati’s as the French saying is. by (7) _____ had lost and won plenty of five-franc pieces there, merely for amusement’s (8) ______ until it was amusement no longer, and was thoroughly tired, in fact, of all the ghastly respectabilities of such a social anomaly as a respectable gambling-house.

1 A) When B) Short C) Highly D) Shortly
2 A) finished B) graduated C) leave D) close
3 A) then B) than C) when D) after
4 A) also B) rather C) prettily D) such
5 A) take B) do C) give D) start
6 A) offered B) made C) suggest D) proposed
7 A) mind B) soul C) heart D) eye
8 A) rake B) stake C) sake D) lake

II. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word given. Don’t change the words given.

1. BELONG           Who is the owner of the car parked outside?
Who_________________ to?

2. ABOUT    Meredith was on the point of starting the car when she remembered that she had left the car keys at home.
Meredith was ______________         the car when she remembered that she had left the car keys at home.

3. THERE    It was unnecessary for you to explain the whole idea again.
_________________ to explain the whole idea again.

4. CHANCES         It is unlikely Monika will pass her driving test.
Monika___________________ her driving test.

5. TERMS   When we lived in Plymouth, we didn’t get on well with our neighbors.
When we lived in Plymouth, we________ our neighbors.

6.WAY   He gave a lively description of a football game.
He ____________ .

7. MIGHT  It wasn’t very nice of you not to ask for my permission!
You __________ for my permission!

8. UNDER  Everyone who spoke to the victim is a suspect.
Everyone who spoke to the victim is______ .

9. MIND  Do you object if I open the window?
Do you _____ my______ the window?

10.  TIME  The children are really have to go to bed now!
It __________ to go to bed.

III. Open the brackets using the correct form of the verbs.

Two weeks ago John Hardy (1) ___ (walk) past a house in Bournemouth when he (2) ___ (hear) a woman’s voice shouting for help.
Mr. Hardy (3) _____ (think) someone (4) _____ (probably (try) to murder her. He (5) ___ (call) the police immediately. The police (6) ___ (come) quickly, but by now the shouting (7) _____ (stop). However John Hardy (8) ____ (be) quite sure that he (9) _____ (hear) cries for help. When the police (10) ______ (knock) on the door, there was no answer. A minute later the door (11) ______ (break down) and they (12) ___ (go) in. Inside they (13) ___ (see) Sarah Gordon, the owner of the house, who (14) ______ (just /come) out of the shower. She (15) ______  (explain) to the police that she (16) ___ (sing) along to the Beatles song «Help!’ Since that incident. Mrs. Gordon (17)  _____ (be) more careful while singing; and now she (18) ______  (hope) she (19) _____ (not get) such a surprise again.

IV. Insert articles that are missing in the text.

I remember (1) __  fortnight spent with (2) ___ Bradshaws in their villa on (3) ____ Lakeshore Avenue. It was (4) _____ summer of 1965 and we all liked spending (5) ____ evenings sitting in (6) ___  left wing of (7) __ house because (8) _____ harbor could be seen from (9) ___ verandah. It wasn’t (10) port harbor, so (11) ____ only thing we could hear was (12) _______ riffling of (13)  ____ sea. (14) ___  Old Ben used to smoke (15) ___ Cuban cigar and (16) ___ rest of us discuss (17) latest news.

V. Fill the gaps with the most appropriate prepositions.


My friend Jonathan, who lives (1) __  the road, develops and prints films. (2)_________ Jonathan most of us take awful pictures. Usually, we fail to aim (3) ___  the subject so that the subject is not even (4) _______ the picture. Sometimes the subject is too far (5) ______ sometimes too near. Some photos are spoilt because the sun is (6) ____ us, when of course, it should always be (7) ___ us. Some of us take blank pictures (8) ___  we take the lens cover off (9)_we have taken our shots. We take most of our pictures when we are (10) ___ holiday and like to catch our friends when they are fooling (11)____. It is a pity we don’t practice using our cameras (12) __  we go on holiday. I asked Jonathan what was the worst film he had ever seen. He didn’t have to think hard (13) ____the question. At once he answered. Twenty four shots of the photographer’s left ear!

VI. Use the words given in the brackets to form a word that fits the gap.

Gardens cannot stand still, and the dry garden is an example of a recent (1) (add) ____ which provides homes for a range of (2) (colour) ____     plants from the drier parts of the world —  the Mediterranean area, for example. Whilst all plantings are made with an eye to providing the maximum range of colour at all seasons, the need to (3) (conservative) _____  plants which are in great danger of being lost is very much in the minds of management. Many new trees, shrubs and plants are also planted in the Garden and we pride ourselves on everything being (4) (except) _____ labeled.

VII. Rewrite the following sentences correcting the mistakes.

1. I think I am really lucky that I could met you.
2. I could not help laugh when he explained it to me.
3. The company production of footwear has doubled in the past years.
4. He got that job what surprised all of us greatly.
5. In spite the fact that I had little experience I got the job I had applied for.

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