Школьная олимпиада 10 класс Гомель

Задания для проведения I (школьного) этапа республиканской олимпиады по английскому языку в 2011/2012 учебном году

10 класс
Lexical — Grammar Test

Final Total: 77 points
Time: 90 minutes

I. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

Once a philosopher was travelling down the river in a small boat. While he 1 (cross) the river he 2 (ask) the boatman: » 3 you ever (hear) about Philosophy?» «No,» 4 (say) the boatman. «I 5 never (hear) about it. What 6 (be) it?» «I 7 (be) sorry for you, indeed,» replied the learned man, «you 8 (lose) a quarter of your life as it’s a very interesting science!»
Several minutes later the philosopher asked the boatman another question: «9 you (hear) about Astronomy, when you 10 (be) at school?» «No, I 11 (leave) school many years ago and I 12 (forget) all about it,» was the answer. To this the philosopher answered that he 13 (be) really sorry for the man, and he 14 (think) that the boatman 15 (lose) a second quarter of his life.
Some minutes passed and the passenger again 16 (wonder) if the man ever 17 (hear) about Algebra. And the man 18 (have to) admit that he 19 never (know) anything about it. «In that case you certainly 20 (lose) a third quarter of your life!» said the scientist.
At that moment the boat 21 (strike) on a big stone. The boatman jumped and 22 (cry)23 you ever (learn) 24 (swim)?» «No,» was the answer. The boatman explained sadly to the philosopher that he 25 (be) sure the scientist 26 (lose) his whole life as the boat 27 (sink).

27 points

II. Use the words in the box to complete the text.

before the crown did died has been had to had into knew like made a mixture own over the same that than the volume when whether which


Little is known for sure about the Greek physicist and mathematician, Archimedes. He was born in 287
ВС and he (1) in 212 ВС. He lived in Syracuse in Sicily. Yet the story of how he (2) his greatest discovery (3) known for (4) 2000 years. The story goes (5) this.
King Hieron II of Syracuse asked Archimedes to find out (6) a goldsmith had told him the truth or not. The goldsmith (7) make a pure gold crown for the king but the king suspected that he had in fact used (8) of gold and silver.
Archimedes (9) that a mixture would take up more space than the same weight of pure gold because silver is less dense (10) gold. But how could he possibly measure (11) of the crown? He found the answer (12) he was getting into his bath and slopped some water over the edge. He realized that anything put (13) a tub of water would displace exactly its (14) volume. All he needed to do was to compare the level of water in his bath (15) and after he put (16) in. He was so excited by this idea (17) he ran naked through the streets of Syracuse crying «Eureka!» (18) means «I have found it!»
He went home and (19) the test. The crown displaced more water than a block of gold with (20) weight. This proved that the goldsmith (21) tried to cheat the king.

21 points

III. Complete the text using the appropriate derivatives of the words in brackets.

Though experts all agree that smoking is (1. health) … and costs the state a lot to treat victims of smoking, many people get (2. pleasant) … from the habit., Advertising has (3. proof) … ineffective with many smokers, so some other (4. society) … measures should be taken by the Government to ban smoking at least in public places.

4 points

IV. One of underlying fragments in the sentences below is incorrect. Spot the error.

1. Who did (1) assist him (2) in carrying out(3) this experiment (4)?

2. The children (1) were playing outside last night (2) when it began to rain (3) very hardly (4).

3. At the top (1) of the hill its a small cafe (2) with (3) a wonderful view over the bay (4).

4. To be honest (1), we thought we will never be able (2) to achieve such (3) outstanding results (4).

5. He never has some (1) money and he manages (2)to persuade someone else (3) to pay for (4) his drinks.

5 points

V. Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1. I picked up on that course.
A) an interesting knowledge B) interesting knowledges
C) some interesting knowledge D) some interesting knowledges

2. They arrived London at 7.30 a.m.
A) to B) at C) in D) for

3. The milk sour. Do you keep milk on the table?
A) smells B) smell C) are smelling D) have been smelling

4. I wonder if … .
A) the job was offered to him B) was the job offered to him
C) the job offered to him D) the job was offering to him

5. My sister can’t sing well and .
A) I can’t B) neither can I C) either can I D) neither can’t I

6. Their house is three times as big as .
A) our is B) ours one C) our D) ours

7. I hope you didn’t hurt .
A) oneself B) by yourself C) yourself D) myself

8. He gave me how to do it better.
A) most advice B) lots of advices C) a lot of advices D) a lot of advice

9. She is my sister.
A) elder B) older C) oldest D) the eldest

10. He isn’t going to let them him off his land.
A) to drive B) drive C) driving D) drove

10 points

VI. Match the idioms with their definitions.

1. be on good terms (with smb) a) enjoy oneself
2. be in smb’s shoes b) get into a difficult situation
3. do one’s best c) be on friendly terms
4. get in touch with d) try as hard as possible
5. keep an eye on smth e) be in smb’s position
6. keep one’s fingers crossed f) be friendly (with smb)
7. make room (for smth) g) communicate with smb one hasn’t seen recently
& have a good time h) allow enough free space
9. get along with i) wish for good luck
10. get into a mess j) guard smth

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