Clauses of Reason

This is a small exercise to practise the usage of conjunctions in clauses of reason. The spaces are in white so drag your mouse to see the answers. (Some sentences are not compound).

as/since, because, the reason for/why, because of/due to

1. As I am here, I’d better stay.
2. I’d like to know the reason why you’re so late.
3. Our flight was delayed due to a strike by air-traffic controllers.
4. We can’t go to Julia’s party because we’re going away that weekend.
5. Enjoy the first hour of the day. This is important as it sets the mood for the rest of the day. = since
6. As you were out, I left a message.
7. We must stop here since it is impossible to go on.
8. The train was delayed because of bad weather.
9. Since you don’t believe me, read the letter yourself.
10. She’s in a bad mood because her father won’t let her go to the party tonight.
11. Since we’ve got a few minutes to wait for the train, let’s have a cup of coffee.
12. Just because I’m lending you my dress for tonight doesn’t mean you can borrow it whenever you want to.
13. Since Barbara is no longer my wife, I’m no longer responsible for her debts.
14. I won’t be able to attend the meeting since I’ll be on vacation.
15. The company’s financial losses were due to poor management.
16. She may need some help as she’s new.
17. I’m forever on a diet, since I put on weight easily… = as
18. The court of inquiry ruled that the crash was due to pilot error.
19. Since you are unable to answer, perhaps we should ask someone else.
20. He almost died due to lack of oxygen.
21. We stayed at home because it rained.
22. The restaurant’s success was due largely to its new manager.
23. You can go first as you’re the oldest.
24. The boy was crying because he was hungry.
25. The reason why grass is green was a mystery to the little boy.
26. As it was getting late, I decided to book into a hotel.
27. We’d like to know the reason why she didn’t accept the job.
28. We went by bus because it was cheaper.
29. The reason why so many people caught the disease is still not clear.
30. Due to fog the train arrived late.
31. Because he dashed off some sonnets he thinks himself a poet.
32. She has been absent from work due to illness.
33. I lost my job because of her.

Note: the examples were taken from authentic English dictionaries.

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