Video at the lesson: London

Фильм о Лондоне и набор упражнений к нему.


I. Answer the following questions

1. How many bridges are there over the River Thames in London?
2. Which city had the first underground railway?
3. Who was Madame Tussaud?
4. What is ‘Harrods’?
5. When did the miniskirt become fashionable?
6. Who wrote «The Mousetrap?» When was the first performance of the play?
7. Who said, ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’?
8. Can you name the places of interest in London?

II. Fill in the captions with the words given below.

About London.mp4 22,83Mb.


III. When did these things happen?

1. The Romans built the first bridge over the river Thames in AD 43 / 33 / 53.

2. The people of London built the second bridge in 1477/ 1747/ 1774.

3. London Underground started in 1836 / 1863 / 1936.

4. Madame Tussaud brought her exhibition to London in 1802/ 1512/ 1902.

IV. Complete the sentences below with numbers from the box.

20    11      2.5       7

1. London has a population of about _____ million.

2. Over _____ million tourists visit London every year.

3. ______million tourists visit London from abroad.

4. Over _______ million people visit Madame Tussaud’s every year.

V. Complete these sentences with numbers.

1. Harrods has ____ departments.

2. Harrods has ______floors.

3. Harrods has over _____ staff.

4. Harrods has about_____ customers a day.

VI. Answer the questions.

1. Where can people go in the evenings?

2. How many cinemas and theatres are there in London?

3. What are the names of two London parks?

4. What do people do in the parks?

VII. Imagine you are going to make a video about the capital city of your country.

Draw pictures or write short descriptions of the 8 scenes you want to include. Give your video a title, then present your video plans to the class.

Источник: Рабочая тетрадь «Window on Britain» Unit 8 London. «Window on Britain» — это серия фильмов о Великобритании. Фильм о Лондоне — один из этой серии.

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