Smoking: vocabulary work

Let us see how well you know the vocabulary.

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with suitable words. Don’t forget to change their forms if necessary.

Choose from the list

uncover agitate despite manufacturer tar drug awake ban addiction cancer ignorance
inhale remind unveil avoid fear moth

  1. He is now fighting his *** to alcohol.
  2. Passengers are *** that no smoking is allowed on this train.
  3. He *** deeply on another cigarette.
  4. If I talk about the problem with him it just *** him even more.
  5. There are plans to *** smoking in public places.
  6. *** all our efforts to save the school, the authorities decided to close it.
  7. His son died of a *** overdose.
  8. I *** at seven o’clock.
  9. She *** going out at night.
  10. Smokers face an increased risk of developing lung ***.
  11. There is widespread *** about the danger of smoking.
  12. Germany is a major *** of motor cars.
  13. *** fly mainly at night and are attracted to bright lights.
  14. You should switch to low *** cigarettes.
  15. It will be difficult to *** the truth.
  16. The company will *** its newest product today.
  17. Try to *** foods which contain a lot of fat.

Exercise 2. Name three harmful components of cigarettes.

  1. *** is a poisonous form of alcohol formed when methane reacts with oxygen.
  2. *** is a substance used in products that keep moths away from clothes.
  3. *** is a poisonous chemical found in tobacco which makes people who breathe it in regularly want more of it.

Keys in white are below:

Exercise 1

1. addiction 2. reminded 3. inhaled 4. agitated 5. ban 6. Despite 7. drug 8. awoke 9. fears 10. cancer 11. ignorance 12. manufacturer 13.  Moths 14. tar 15. uncover 16. unveil 17. avoid

Exercise 2.

1. methanol
2. naphthalene
3. nicotine

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