Like/Would like Quiz

Ученикам 6 класса предлагается небольшой квиз на употребление like/would like.

Tom: *** some cake?
Jane:  Yes, please.



Steve:  What TV programmes ***?
Andy:  Comedies and cartoons.



Helen: *** a sandwich?
Nick: No, thanks, I’m not hungry.



Liz:  *** bananas?
Tim:  Yes, I love them. I have one every morning.



Tony:  Do you play chess?
Mike:  Yes, I do.
Tony:  *** a game now?
Mike:  Yeah, sure. Great idea!



6.  I’m hot and thirsty. *** a cold drink.



7. I’m tired. *** to go to bed now.



8. I *** to go to Barselona for a holiday next year.



9. I *** 2 kilos of apples , please.



10. I *** oranges. They’re my favourite fruit.



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