Card 15 Reading Exercises

Уважаемые коллеги!

Наша копилка полезных материалов по подготовке к экзамену пополнилась разработками ещё одной коллеги, что не может не радовать. Зовут автора Екатерина, материалы присланы разнообразные: и ответы на ситуации, и упражнения по чтению.

Вам не кажется, что вместе мы — большая сила?



 Match the equivalents

1.   install

2.   residential

3.   overlook

4.   lawmaker

5.   conventional

a)     законодатель

b)    установить

c)     жилой

d)    обычный

e)     игнорировать

Join the words to make word combinatons

1.   block up

2.   switch off

3.   turn off

4.   use

5.   install

a)     lights

b)    energy efficient bulbs

c)     draughts

d)    a “grey” water recycling system

e)     water taps

 Say whether the sentences are TRUE or FALSE

    1. Residential buildings are the least source of global warming.
    2. Until recently the lawmakers tried to reduce greenhouse emissions from household owners.
    3. A lot of houses have roof and window insulation.
    4. Nowadays energy efficient bulbs are cheaper than conventional ones.
    5. Grey water recycling system cleans the water used for drinking.

Fill in the gaps from the box. One word is extra.

 consume           drinkable    will determine       reduce     to cut      switch off
  1. The EU new law intends ___________ carbon dioxide emissions from residential buildings.
  2. People can __________ unnecessary lights.
  3. Energy efficient light bulbs _________ less energy than conventional ones.
  4. __________ water is used to flush the toilets.
  5. Present houses ______________ future global warming.

Answer the questions

  1. Who consumes the biggest amount of energy in Europe?
  2. What new law has the Euro Union passed recently?
  3. What are the first three steps to cut carbon dioxide emissions from houses?
  4. What is considered to be an unnecessary waste of energy used in water purification?
  5. What energy saving features should new houses have?

Write 2-4 sentences what the text is about.

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