Form 8 Unit 8 Books

Test (printed books vs eBooks)

  Form 8 Unit 8


  1. The most famous playwright in Belarus is …..
  2. ….. is famous for his novel “The Dark Castle Olshansky”.
  3. Harry Potter books are written by ……
  4. …… wrote 37 plays, including Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello .

2. Add

eBook                                                    printed book


3. Complete the sentences

pay, printed books, eyes, illiteracy, colorful pictures, eBooks

  1. UNESCO is leading fight against …..
  2. You can take …. everywhere you go. It’s very convenient!
  3. I like the smell of …..
  4. You needn’t to …. much money for downloading an eBook.
  5. EBook have bad influence for your ….
  6. Children like printed books because there are a lot of … there.

4.What kind of books do\ don’t you prefer and why?

I like ….. because…..
I adore…. because….
I don’t like ….. because….
I can’t stand…. because….

5. Write 5 -7 sentences about your favorite book 

Автор: Заславец Ирина, учитель английского языка  Танежицкой СШ.

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