Card 21 Reading

CARD №21—READING—Text 7—page 13


1.Do you know these words and phrases? If not, look up their definitions:

a piece of technology –an appliance—a gadget–an electronic device

 2. Write out all the pieces of technology mentioned in the text.

 3. Find in the text English equivalents:

1.       куда бы мы ни пошли
2.       почти все из нас
3.       что мы всегда забываем
4.       нет ни одной комнаты
5.       когда я дома
6.       если я не сплю
7.       наряду с другой присоединённой техникой
8.       скорее всего будут включены
9.       должен признать
10.   занимаясь волонтёрской работой через интернет
11.   те, кто иначе не смог бы нанять/оплатить персонал
12.   нанимают тебя на работу только на …
13.   некоторые даже меньше

 4. Translate into Russian:

1.       in fact  
2.       to help others  
3.       at least  
4.       on any given day  
5.       have the television on  
6.       strong point  
7.       in the background  
8.       constantly  
9.       language skills  
10.   to help with IT work  
11.   across the world  
12.   to help charities  

5. Match the words of the two columns to make up the word combinations used in the text and translate them into Russian: 

1.       have my laptop a)    for the world
2.       connect to b)   a lot of time
3.       waste c)    recruiting volunteers.
4.       have a great d)   the poor
5.       do good e)    by online volunteers
6.       develop and manage f)    resting on my knee
7.       page designed for g)   a week
8.       support h)   power
9.       an hour i)     the local wireless network
10.   support provided j)     projects

 6. Say if sentences are TRUE or FALSE:

  1. It’s impossible to imagine our life without technology.
  2. If the author is at home and not sleeping, he is almost always using one or more electronic devices.
  3. The author likes watching TV and playing on his game console.
  4. The author spends too much time on his computer
  5. The United Nations sends e-mail messages to recruit online volunteers.
  6. Some organisations require you to work less than an hour a week.

 7. Answer the questions according to the text:

  1. What do we have with us every time we leave the house
  2. What do we always forget about technology?
  3. Is there any room in the author’s house without any pieces of technology?
  4. What electronic devices are switched on when the author is at home?
  5. Does he use any pieces of technology at work or in cafés?
  6. People can use the technology they carry about everywhere to do good for the world and to help others, can’t they?
  7. Is it possible to do any volunteering online?
  8. Why is it convenient for charities to require online volunteers?

8. And what is your opinion on the issue?—Would you like to become an online volunteer?—How much time a week are you ready to spend on this work?

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