Form 8. Unit 7. Lesson 5

Listening Exercises

Exercise 1

Choose the right option:

1. It’s Tuesday / Sunday / Wednesday  morning.

2. You must send the article to me before 3/2/4 pm this afternoon.

3. I can’t… find … the recording on my laptop / computer / tablet .

4. «The Tigers / Lions / Wolves» had only one concert in our city.

5. You went to the club with them, left your computer in the bus / car/ taxi and forgot about it.

Exercise 2

True or False:

1. We have 14 hours before the magazine appears at newsagents.

2.  I have one idea where I could lose it.

3. There’s no second chance for you to interview them again.

4. They were in a hurry to a cafe.

5. They are awesome guys!

Exercise 3

Fill in the missing words:

1. I’m working on it. I n_____ more   t_____ , you know.

2. Did you interview «The Tigers» y_______ after the c______ or did you not?

3. Do you know how much m______ we could get for it?

4. Did you interview t_____ in the Concert Hall building?

5. You went to the c_____  with them, left your c________ in the car and forgot about it till the m______  I  called y_____ .

Exercise 4

Answer the questions:

See ex. 1b, p. 181 SB

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