Лексико-грамматический тест 10 класс (Могилёв)

Предлагаю текст районной олимпиады в Могилёвской области. Постараюсь выложить все материалы в ближайшее время. Сегодня – лексико-грамматический тест 10 класса.


Lexical –Grammar Test Form 10

I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets

As Micky Watts who came to London from Manchester left Harrods last Friday she felt proud of designer jeans that she (1)—(to buy) there. But when the girl returned to the store the next day to do some more shopping, she (2) – (not to allow) into the store because she (3) – (to wear) the same jeans. That’s what Micky said about it all to her friends with whom she (4) – (to stay) for a few days in London. “I (5)—(to walk) through the swing doors, when suddenly I (6) – (to stop) by a large security guard. He pointed to my torn jeans and forbade me to enter. I tried to tell him that the jeans (7) – (to buy) in Harrods the day before, but he insisted that I should go out. By the time a huge crowd of people (8) – (to gather). I (9) – (never to feel) so embarrassed in my life.” A spokeperson from Harrods said that the dress code(10)—(to introduce) in 1989, and it states: no beach wear, no backpacks, no torn denims.

II. Put in the articles where necessary

Early in the morning we suddenly saw –- car coming along the road. We stopped — driver and asked him where — nearest village was. He showed us — way and in — half an hour we drove into the village, where was found — hotel and had — good breakfast. We regretted we hadn’t found — place to stay at —- night before.

III. Put in the prepositions where necessary

1. I often dream — being a millionaire.
2. You should do something — this problem.
3. The child needs somebody to look — him.
4. It dependents — how much it costs.
5. What happened — that vase that I’d given you years ago?
6. The man drove — so fast that I didn’t see his face.
7. She never attends exhibition simply — curiosity.

IV. Choose the correct variant

1. I’m not sure how many fruits/ how much fruit will be enough to make a pie.
2. Your advices are/ advice is always welcome.
3. My family write/writes to me every month.
4. English football team wear/wears white T-shirts.

V. Complete the second sentence so that is has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Use the word given. Do not change the word given.

1. The doctors won’t allow him to leave the hospital.


The doctors __________ the hospital.

2. I don’t feel like going out tonight.


I’m not ____________ out tonight.

3. Shall I carry your luggage?


Do _____________ your luggage?

VI. Spot one error in each sentence and write down the correct sentence.

1. Let’s hope for the best, can we?
2. Please except my apology for being late for classes.
3. My alarm o’clock always rings at 7 a.m.
4. Red and black are colours that fit me very well.
5. You’d better not to wake me up when you come in.

VII. Translate into English the words in the brackets.

1. What a mess you’ve (сделал) of my papers, Tom!
2. She had a bad (память) names and this irritated her.
3. We are (делаем) some research to find the origin of the name of the street.
4. Sherry’s hair used to be longer than anyone (ещё)

VIII. Form the appropriate derivatives of the words given in the brackets

1. I’ll never forget your ___(kind).
2. Your ____(to propose) will be thoroughly considered.
3. Vic sometimes jokes at my ——(to appear).
4. There is no _______________(certain) that we shall be a success.
5. Many people are _______________(envy) of the rich and famous.

IX. Choose the correct variant to the given stimulus

1. She is not very tidy.
a) No, she is.
b) Nor am I
c) So am I
d) Yes, she isn’t

2. I feel worried and nervous.
a) Take it to heart
b) Are you?
c) Don’t mention it
d) Do you?

3. I’m awfully sorry
a) Don’t mention it
b) That’s all right
c) OK?
d) It serves you right

Note: Авторы выражают огромную благодарность нашей читательнице irbond за предоставленные материалы.

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