Small talks

I’d like to pay your attention to the following: everything that has been published recently is nothing else but carefully kept drafts. Separate thoughts. It’s hard to say whether it is time for them to appear in public or not — I don’t know… For me it’s a way of improving my English by reading my notes again and again, checking them for any mistakes or misprints.

There are periods in my life when I have a strong desire to express myself in English. When something is worrying me it must be put into words. Then I am able to appraise the situation better. Here are some ideas on the so called «small talks». Written about a month ago. For me they are not small talks. They are important. I don’t know if one can call them that name so I’ve chosen the name «small talks» because they are rare. A better name would be «straight talks» or «good talks» but «small talks» sounds nicer and more pleasant.

Those small talks… When you are not sure of yourself you tend to have them. Those small talks deprive us of our composure. They are so disturbing. Why are they so necessary for you? Why is it so obligatory to ruin one’s calmness? Because you seek for answers. I know the answers and you too. We are not bound to have them. I need you. And you need a helpful hand from time to time. This is how I see it. I am not blind. I can feel what is not said. When you sometimes cross over the allowable boundary you punish yourself afterwards for being too endearing and frank. Maybe I’m mistaken and it’s me who edows you with the qualities you don’t possess…

Do we really need these small talks? But could they be not so exhausting?

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