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Запаситесь словарями, потому как на этот раз Вам предстоит выполнить довольно сложный тест на синонимы.
Будьте внимательны при выборе вариантов и не поленитесь записать новые слова в словарь.
Вопросов 15, максимальный балл 15.
Выполнив тест, Вы сможете проверить себя по ключу.
И, как всегда, удачи!

Confusing words

Choose the one word or phrase that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence

1. The hotel manager became suspicious of those people who were loitering in the lobby.





2. We decided to pay for the furniture on the installment plan.





3. Boys’ Clubs do not deprive poor children of the opportunity to participate in sports.





4. The area of the country is laced with large and often dangerous rivers.





5. John’s unsportsmanlike behaviour caused him to be ostracized by the other members of the country club.





6. The question was discarded because I was ambiguous.





7. Mark cannot talk well because he has a speech impediment.





8. The television station was inundated with calls protesting the distasteful program.





9. The powerful ruler suppressed a rebellion and punished the instigators.





10. Because the details of the project were rather hazy, we decided to reject the proposal.





11. Marvin’s doctor said he was obese and had to take immediate measures to correct the problem.





12. Frank condoned his brother’s actions because he knew he meant well.





13. Nothing could efface the people’s memory of their former leader’s cruelty although many years had elapsed.





14. The young couple chose a secluded place for their picnic.





15. After the drops were placed in the patient’s eyes, his pupils became dilated.





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