Text 5. Unknown Arthur Conan Doyle

1. Read the magazine article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.

The text is about Arthur Conan Doyle’s wonderful talents. We know him as a great detective writer, but he also wrote other kinds of books and was successful in his determination to do some good in society.

2. Conan Doyle had many talents. Read aloud the extract which says about it.

Paragraph 1.

3. How did his writing talent developed?

At school Conan Doyle entertained his school friends with stories that he had invented. After graduation from Edinburgh University as a doctor Doyle made use of his free time by writing stories. Soon he began to have his stories published.

4. Which facts prove that Conan Doyle took an active part in social life?

Conan Doyle was successful in his work to improve the law system. He worked very hard to help people who had been wrongfully sent to prison.

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