Тест на словообразование (суровый)

Дорогие друзья и любители языка! Давайте вместе выполним тест по словообразованию. =)

1) Doctors are complaining that the system is _______ and bureaucratic. (CUMBER)
2) Their affection for her soon increased almost to _______(IDOL)
3) Let me ________ you of your foolish notions about married life. (ABUSE)
4) He had never met a more _________ fighter. (DOUBT)
5) Chris Robertson of Australia beat his ________ Chris Dittmar in the final. (PATRIOT)
6) I met with Åke Daun, Sweden’s most ___________ ethnologist. (VENERATE)
7) Tosh was known to be a man who feared no-one, yet he was clearly ____________ by his girlfriend. (MASCULINE)
8) It was ___________ to see them quarrel. (SETTLE)
9) Caffeine gives a boost of energy and temporarily sharpens mental _______ .(ACUTE)
10) The news reached Rome ______ (PACE)

1. cumbersome 2. idolatry 3. disabuse 4. redoubtable 5. compatriot 6. venerable 7. emasculated 8. unsettling 9. acuity 10. apace
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