Music Vocabulary Exercise

Данный набор лексики для 8 класса по теме «Музыка» не обязателен, упражнение повышенного уровня сложности, но ответов не пишу, так как оно является частью задания для сайта ДО. Можно использовать для дополнительных занятий.

Упражнение составлено на базе англо-английских словарей, часть предложений взята из аутентичных текстов.

Exercise 1. Think of one word which suits all three sentences.

album  single  top ten  number one  lyrics  vocals  melody  catchy  record  live  concert  backing track  collaborate  soundtrack  latest  airplay  instrumental


I keep the photographs in an ***.
It’s the singer’s first solo ***.
His latest *** comes out in the spring.


Her voice was full of ***.
He began playing a sad, haunting ***.
The *** is then taken up by the flutes.


I took out my notebook and camera to *** his interview.
Cliff Richard has ***ed more hit songs than any other British pop star.
We ***ed their party on video.


The record has been in the *** *** for three weeks.
‘Casablanca’ is one of my *** *** films.
He’s one of the world’s *** *** players.


George is *** *** here.
These poems are *** ***.
She’s still the world *** *** in tennis.


Who wrote the *** for/to this song?
He wrote the *** for Abba’s songs.
She knows the *** to all her favorite songs.


The price of a *** ticket is thirty-nine pounds.
The winners will get a chance to release their own ***.
Have you heard Madonna’s new ***?


If a tune or phrase is *** it attracts your attention and is easy to remember.
I can’t think of a *** name for my blog.
Chateau Revenge ia a wonderfully crafted album, full of instantly *** songs.


Murray was a guest on a *** radio show.
The concert was broadcast *** from New York.
I saw the Rolling Stones ***.


I’ve been to plenty of live rock ***s.
The musicians are busy rehearsing for the ***.
She finished the *** with a song from her first album.


Despite the presence of a band, she relied on a *** *** track for her dance numbers.
It’s not like karaoke where you have a *** *** without a vocal.
Contestants can perform solo to a *** *** or musical instrument in a genre of their choice.


He ***ed with his son Michael on the English translation of a text.
The two men met and agreed to ***.
Elephants *** in looking after their young.


The *** of a film is its sound, speech, and music.
The best thing about the film is its ***.
I’ve just bought the *** of the latest Tarantino movie.


*** music is performed by instruments and not by voices.
The last track on the CD is an ***.
The music that was playing was a kind of soft rock, pop, *** music.


*** reports say another five people have been killed.
Have you seen her *** movie?
The *** version of Android includes Google’s navigation service


He played the guitar while I sang (the) ***.
The band was so loud that I could not hear the ***.
Who is that on *** (= singing)?


Our first single got a lot of ***.
Unless a song gets lots of ***, it won’t sell in the shops.
The song became very successful in Canada, gaining a lot of radio ***.


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